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Treating Dental Anxiety and Fear through Dental Sedation

Going to the dentist is a major cause of fear and anxiety for patients. With modern dental sedation protocols Pasadena Texas Dentist Michael Nugent can help patients overcome their fear. Sedation allows patients to receive excellent oral care.

Dr. Nugent has a special license that allows him to use multiple oral sedation pills and nitrous oxide to help calm patients. He will review with you the many different sedation options and formulate a plan that will work best for you. Many of Dr. Nugent’s patients start off with high levels of sedation. With time the patient gains trust in our office and will use lighter sedation options. One of Dr. Nugent’s greatest accomplishments is working with patients that have had terrible dental experiences in the past and getting those patients so comfortable in his office that they no longer need sedation dentistry. Can you imagine going to a dental office where people actually like coming to the dentist?

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The reduction of dental fear and anxiety happens for several reasons:

Trust: Patients develop a strong relationship with our office. They realize that we take their dental fear and anxiety very seriously.

Confidence: Patients feel a great sense of confidence, accomplishment, and price after finishing all their major dental treatment under sedation. This encourages patients to face their fears.

New Beginnings: Dentistry in the past was barbaric. Patients come to realize that modern dentistry, from someone who cares, is not as bad as they thought.

Winning Personalities: Patients are not just a number. We treat patients with the dignity and respect they deserve. The relationships we build with our patients are genuine and real. Overtime, it is not dreadful going to the dentist. It is fun because you get to see your friends.

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First Dental visit with Sedation Dentist Michael Nugent:

When you call our office it is important to communicate any fears or concerns you have. We want to be sure we acknowledge and start to addresses your fears immediately.

The objective of your first dental visit is to gauge your dental needs as well as your fear and anxiety. A honest and sincere conversation about your dental phobias will help Dr. Nugent develop a sedation plan customized to you.

Dr. Nugent utilizes three different sedation methods in his office:

1. Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) is a gas that is inhaled. It creates a euphoric sensation. Thus, while the patient is receiving the Nitrous Oxide they feel happiness, joy and are in a relaxed state. The beauty of laughing gas is that once the dental procedure is over the patient simply breathes pure Oxygen. The Oxygen displaces the Nitrous Oxide in the lungs and the patient. The patient is refreshed and can drive themselves home.

2. Oral Sedation is simply taking oral medication to help with dental anxiety and fear. The oral sedation can be taken at night to get good nights sleep and then taken again an hour before the procedure. The oral sedation produces sedative, amnesic, antianxiety and muscle relaxation properties. This route of sedation necessitates having someone drive the patient home.

3. Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) combined with Oral Sedation. This combination is used for longer procedures and the severely scared dental patient. This combination provides the ultimate in relaxation and tranquility while Dr. Nugent preforms your needed dentistry. This sedation technique also requires that someone drives you home.

Dr. Nugent holds special permits from the State of Texas to perform sedation in his Pasadena, Texas Dental Office. During sedation procedures you will be monitored by an advanced machine that displays and records your blood pressure, pulse and blood oxygen saturation. Dental sedation is extremely safe. With Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) you will receive more Oxygen than is present in the atmosphere. The oral sedation pills Dr. Nugent uses are prescribed by the millions for home use and without any supervision by Medical Doctors.

Come see why patients from Pasadena, Deer Park, La Porte, League City, Seabrook, Friendswood and Houston Texas choose Dr. Nugent for their Sedation Dentist. Dr. Nugent is honored to have won Best Pasadena Texas Dentist multiple times. Let the experience and passion of Dr. Nugent work for you.

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For patients that are extremely nervous and want the most robust form of dental sedation, Dr. Nugent offers IV sedation. Dr. Nugent will perform the dentistry while an outside Doctor runs the sedation medications through the IV.

Patients can now have a completely pleasant experience in which all of their dental care is completed in one visit while they are out with IV sedation..

The experience is exceedingly peaceful and comfortable, and even a four-hour session feels like ten minutes. The sedative also has an amnesic effect, which means you won’t remember anything!

So, if you’ve been putting off visiting to the dentist because you’re afraid of dental treatment, our Pasadena, Texas dental office has a solution for you. Call us at 713-941-8261 and let us help you begin a new chapter in your oral health care. We are located at 3421 Burke Rd Ste A, Pasadena, Texas 77504.