Oral Conscious Sedation

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We are all aware of the importance of maintaining good dental health through regularly scheduled dental appointments. Furthermore, it is important to treat dental problems that do arise at an early stage. However, there is large amount of Deer Park, Texas residents that avoids the dentist due to dental fear and anxiety. The excuses for avoiding the dentist include feeling of embarrassment, bad past dental experiences,discomfort, fear of the unknown, and the fear of pain. Thus, many patients avoid necessary dental care and skip even routine dental visits. At Dr. Nugent’s Pasadena Cosmetic Dentistry Office, oral conscious sedation can help even the most fearful patient.

Dr. Nugent offers sedation dentistry for his patients to allow them to receive the dental care they have been avoiding all while in a state of relaxation. For our patients in Deer Park, sedation dentistry includes Nitrous Oxide, Oral Sedation and Conscious Sedation. There is a sedation technique just right for you. Dental Sedation is a safe and simple technique that allows patients to undergo dental procedures in an extremely relaxed state of consciousness. Patients can speak and follow instructions. However, patients are so relaxed that they are free of fear, anxiety, and pain. Most patients report that they slept through the entire procedure.





Perhaps you have had a horrible dentist encounter in the past. You’ve probably heard terrible stories from others. Whatever the cause of your dental anxiety, it can prevent you from receiving the dental treatment your smile requires to stay healthy. Dr. Nugent is pleased to offer options that might put your mind at ease and make oral treatment much easier and more comfortable. Do you want to use sedation dentistry in Pasadena, Texas during your next dental appointment? Please notify us so that we can properly prepare for your visit.

Why should you use our office for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Relaxing and Friendly Dental Office
  • Multiple Sedation Options
  • Years of experience with dental sedation

Nitrous Oxide

If you merely need to relax or are having a minor cleaning, nitrous oxide is most likely the best sedation option for you. Throughout your session, you will inhale this gas, often known as laughing gas, and Dr. Nugent will be able to make any required modifications to ensure your comfort. It takes effect quickly and fades off quickly, allowing you to resume your normal day after your appointment.

Oral Sedation

Dr. Nugent can prescribe pills that you take at the office approximately one hour before your procedure. These pills are very safe and create a deeper level of sedation than nitrous oxide. Furthermore, the oral pills cause amnesia so you feel like your dental appointment only took a minute. You will need a driver to take you home.

Dentistry with IV Sedation

In severe dental anxiety circumstances, IV sedation is a preferable alternative. Because the strong sedative is administered directly to the bloodstream, it takes effect quickly and if more medicine is needed it can be rapidly given. You will be unable to recollect details from your appointment, and you will require someone to drive you home and watch you for a few hours afterwards.

Schedule an Appointment to talk about Dental Sedation:

Dr. Nugent wants you to know it is OK if you have anxiety and fear about going to the dentist. Unfortunately, letting that fear keep you from dental care will have a negative impact on your dental health. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Nugent to discuss the benefits of oral conscious sedation. With sedation dentistry, your dental fears can become a problem of the past. Enjoy dentistry while you are completely relaxed.

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