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One Visit CEREC Crowns with Dr. Nugent

Do you have a severely decayed, chipped, or cracked tooth? At our Pasadena Dental Office, we have invested in a groundbreaking technology that can help you restore your smile’s appearance and strength in just one visit. This technology is known as CEREC. It is a combination of digital teeth scanning, computer designing and CNC milling. Dr. Nugent can scan, design, mill, and place a completely personalized crown in one appointment. Thus, so leave our office with your permanent restoration in place. This is better than the old fashioned way. Let us help you get back to your normal life again.

The Old Fashioned Crown:

The old fashioned way to make a dental crown takes at least two visits. At the first visit, the dentist will prepare the patient’s tooth. Then several impressions are made with a gagging and messy material. Then a temporary plastic tooth is made and cemented on with temporary cement. This temporary crown is not ideally contoured and is not perfectly smooth. Therefore, it is a constant irrigation to the tongue.  You must be careful and not eat anything hard on the plastic tooth or else you can fracture the crown. Also, no sticky foods as you can pull the plastic crown off the tooth. After several weeks the patient comes back to the office and the patient may or may not have to get numb for the dentist to work on the tooth. The new crown is put on the tooth and checked. Hopefully everything is good. If so, the crown is cemented into place. If the crown does not fit the whole processes of impression and wearing a plastic temp tooth starts over. Furthermore, because the temporary crown is held on with temporary cement the crown often comes off. That means a emergency visit to the dentist.


CEREC Pasadena Texas DentistCEREC Dental Crown:


Advanced technology eliminates the problems of the old fashioned crown fabrication. Dr. Nugent will remove the need for a follow up visit.  Your tooth will be prepared and then have a custom made crown all in one visit. While you rest, play on your phone or surf the internet with our free WiFi Dr. Nugent will be designing your crown. Then we will mill your restoration from durable, high-quality ceramic. The crown will be tried in to verify the fit. Then the crown will be stained, glazed and baked at 1500 degrees to strengthen the porcelain. The crown will again be tried in to confirm fit and then will be cemented into place. You are free to go and can eat without any restrictions.


Do you have questions about improving the strength or appearance of a tooth with a CEREC crown? Don’t hesitate to call us at 713-941-8261. We are located at 3421 Burke Rd St A, Pasadena, Texas 77504.



If you need a crown, you probably think of a certain kind of trip to the dentist: one with gag-inducing impressions, temporary crowns, and a lot of trips until you get the end result. But at our Pasadena, Texas dental office, we use CEREC Crowns to get rid of these problems and give you a pleasant, stress-free experience where the whole treatment is done in one visit.

Advantages of Cerec:

  • Crowns made by Dr. Nugent on-site from the best materials
  • Just one visit for the crown procedure.
  • No plastic temporary crowns.
  • Digital impressions. No messy and gagging impression material in your mouth for 5 minutes.
  • Metal-free crowns.