Old Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings Pasadena Texas:

Silver filling Pasadena TexasThe teeth have one of the most physically demanding jobs in the body. Teeth are subject to huge forces generated during chewing. Then there are the temperature extremes (ice cream and hot coffee). Acidic foods can damage teeth. Plus, there are bacteria that cause cavities. All of these factors can cause problems with the teeth and dental fillings. Fillings can break down over time (after all, the filling was placed because nature broke down). The most vulnerable part of a dental filling is the margin (where the filling meets the tooth)

When a filling starts to break down it allows bacteria to enter the tooth. This leads to decay around and under the filling. Left unchecked, this decay can cause temperature sensitivities and tooth aches. Prevention is the key. Routine checkups by Dr. Nugent and his hygienists are vital to monitoring your teeth and catching little problems before they turn into big problems.