Missing Teeth leads to Suffering

 “Tooth loss is the path to the dark side. Tooth loss leads to bone loss. Bone loss leads to major dental problems. Major dental problems lead to suffering.”

Dr. Nugent

I am always amazed and baffled when I hear patients say “it is just a tooth, I want to pull the tooth.”  Teeth are designed to work together as a team. If you have a problem with your car’s tire, do you just pull the tire off and keep on driving?

Tooth loss leads to major dental suffering.

Teeth are vital in supporting bone levels. The forces of chewing are transmitted down your teeth. This stimulates the jawbone and keep the bone levels happy,healthy and robuse. When teeth are lost the jawbone immediately starts to vanish. Plus, the adjacent teeth will start to migrate towards the empty space.


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A dental bridge only “bridges” over the problem of a missing tooth. In order to place a bridge the teeth on either side of the missing tooth have to be ground down to accept the bridge. Once the natural tooth is cut away the damage to the teeth are permanent. Bridges are difficult to clean and have high failure rates due to recurrent decay. Furthermore, the underlying bone does not get stimulated and the bone disappears. The jawbone is what holds your teeth in place.

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Dental Implants Pasadena Texas

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth because they are designed to act just like natural teeth. Dental implants are anchored in the jawbone (just like natural teeth). Chewing forces pass down the implant and stimulate the bone. Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Implants look, feel and function just like natural teeth. Furthermore, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. Dental implants can never get decay and will never need a root canal. At the ten to fifteen year mark over half of all bridges have already failed causing larger financial and dental problems for patients.

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