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Minor Tooth Movement

Limited Orthodontic Teeth Movement

Dr. West is provides minor tooth movement clear aligners. Think of this as “Invisalign Lite”. Minor Tooth Movement is not complete orthodontics and does not change back teeth or your bite. The limited orthodontics is intended for minor teeth alignment and movement in the front teeth.

These custom trays are for:

  • Closing spaces between teeth
  • Fixing crowding, tipping or rotation

The two ideal candidates are patients that 1) Had orthodontic treatment in the past and did not wear their retainers resulting in minor front tooth shifting or 2) patients with slightly crowded, tipped or rotated front teeth.

Our Pasadena, Texas Dental Office provides a full range of cosmetic dentistry services to help turn each patient’s dreams of having a beautiful smile into a reality. Those who are unhappy with the appearance of mild dental misalignment, but are looking for a discreet alternative to traditional metal braces, can benefit from treatment with MTM Clear Aligners. These Clear Aligners are nearly invisible, allowing patients to achieve a straighter smile without the discomfort or embarrassment of traditional metal braces. Discreet treatment is only one of the many benefits our patients can expect from Clear Aligners. Take a closer look at some of the most significant benefits of Clear Aligners enjoyed by our patients in Pasadena, Texas.

Discreet Treatment
MTM Clear Aligner are made of clear plastic, making them virtually invisible when worn to straighten the teeth. Patients who undergo orthodontic treatment with MTM Clear Aligner can avoid the insecurity that wearing traditional metal braces often brings.

No Food Restrictions
Because MTM Clear Aligner may be removed while eating, there are generally no food restrictions while undergoing treatment as there are with traditional orthodontic braces.

MTM Clear Aligner Are Removable
MTM Clear Aligner can be removed for up to two hours a day. This makes it easy to eat as well as brush and floss the teeth while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Comfortable Treatment
Patients who undergo treatment with traditional metal braces find that the brackets of their braces irritate or cut their inner lips and cheeks. This makes traditional orthodontic treatment uncomfortable. MTM Clear Aligner allow patients to avoid the tissue irritation common to metal braces as each set of MTM Clear Aligner are custom-made of smooth, clear plastic.

Shorter Treatment Time
MTM Clear Aligner can enhance the smile in a fraction of the time needed for traditional orthodontics, which can take over 18 months. Although treatment time will vary based on each patient’s needs, MTM Clear Aligner make it possible to enjoy a straighter smile in as little as six months.

Less Expensive than Traditional Orthodontics
Because treatment with MTM Clear Aligner is generally significantly shorter than traditional orthodontic treatment, it’s often the less expensive treatment option.

Improved Cosmetics
Of course, one of the most significant benefits of treatment with MTM Clear Aligner is an overall improvement of the smile’s appearance, and because MTM Clear Aligner are clear, patients often begin to see the results of treatment well before treatment is complete.

Improved Oral Health
When the teeth overlap, it can be difficult to remove plaque, even with diligent brushing and flossing. This can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Straightening crooked teeth with MTM Clear Aligner can help improve oral health by eliminating areas of overlap.

Improved Self-Esteem
There’s nothing like a beautifully straight smile to boost self-confidence. Treatment with MTM Clear Aligner makes it possible for many people to enjoy improved confidence from having the beautifully straight smile they’ve always dreamed of.

Schedule a Consultation
For more information about enhancing your smile with MTM Clear Aligners, or to find out if you’re a candidate, we invite you to schedule a consultation. Our office number is 713-941-8261.

MTM Clear Aligner for Patients

Recent advances in orthodontic technology have dramatically streamlined the process of corrective treatment. Still, the decision to undergo an orthodontic procedure is one that requires thoughtful consideration. To help you with this process, below are answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions about MTM Clear Aligner.

What does the “MTM” stand for?

“MTM” stands for “Minor Tooth Movement” – a process for aligning upper and/or lower teeth requiring minimal movement. MTM Clear Aligner uses a series of clear, comfortable, removable plastic aligners to achieve rapid results. It’s the virtually undetectable way to improve your smile.

What is the difference between invisible braces, clear braces, lingual braces and MTM Clear Aligner?

The term “invisible braces” may be used to refer to either “clear braces” or “lingual braces”. Clear braces are similar to regular wire braces except that the brackets are made of a clear material instead of metal. Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth so they are not easily visible. Both clear braces and lingual braces are attached to your teeth, and removable only by your orthodontist. MTM Clear Aligner is fully removable, making it easier to eat, brush and floss.

Am I a good fit for treatment?

MTM Clear Aligner is designed to address the common anterior misalignment:
Spacing – Too much space between teeth. Cosmetic problem that can also compromise the effectiveness of chewing.
Tipping – Teeth tip outward or inward, or lean forward and backward. Tipping can cause other teeth to shift, creating crowding and an improper bite.
Crowding – Not enough space between teeth (teeth overlap), can make it hard to brush and floss. This increases the chance for tooth decay and gum disease.
Rotation – Teeth that are turned clockwise or counterclockwise. This can make proper oral hygiene difficult and may lead to tooth decay.
Midline Discrepancy – When the center of the upper teeth and lower teeth are not lined up. Can be an indication of an improper bite , which may lead to pain and further dental issues.

Will anything be attached to my teeth?

Unlike some clear aligners, MTM Clear Aligner does not require bulky, unattractive “attachments” on your teeth. This means a more attractive smile during treatment. And inserting and removing your aligners is easy.

How clear are the aligners?

The plastics used for MTM Clear Aligner rare manufactured for “contact clarity”, meaning they are almost invisible when applied to the teeth. MTM Clear Aligner uses only quality proprietary plastics, for a virtually undetectable solution for straightening teeth discreetly.

Are the aligners comfortable?

MTM Clear Aligner is custom-fit to your individual needs. When you begin treatment, the aligner(s) may feel a little foreign in your mouth – but after a day or two, most people hardly notice them.

How long do I have to wear the aligners each day?

As with other aligner treatments, for optimum results, you will need to keep your aligner(s) in your mouth at all times except when you are eating, drinking hot liquids, or brushing your teeth.

How long does the MTM Clear Aligner treatment take?

Because MTM Clear Aligner treats cases requiring only minor anterior tooth movement, you can often achieve your desired outcome more quickly than with full orthodontic treatment, sometimes in as little as 3 to 6 months.

Will I have to wear a retainer after my treatment has concluded?

Yes. As with any orthodontic procedure, a retainer is essential to maintaining your new tooth alignment. There are several options for this. Dr. Benton can explain them and help you choose the one that best meets your needs.

Is MTM Clear Aligner recommended for all age groups?

MTM Clear Aligner is recommended for patients who have all of their permanent teeth (all second molars), and are able to consistently adhere to the program’s use and care requirements.


How long has MTM Clear Aligner been around?

MTM Clear Aligner is based on a proprietary system developed by an orthodontist more than 10 years ago. Since then, dental professionals have been successfully treating patients using MTM Clear Aligner as an alternative to other clear aligner treatments and conventional wire braces.

How does the price compare to other aligner treatments or clear braces?

Each case is different, so individual costs will vary. However, MTM Clear Aligner typically costs a fraction of other aligner options or full-mouth braces (both wire and clear). In addition, your treatment may be covered by your comprehensive dental or orthodontic insurance plan.

What are the aligners made of?

MTM Clear Aligner uses plastic that does not contain PVC or BPA.

Are there any health benefits associated with MTM Clear Aligner treatment?

MTM Clear Aligner can in many cases contribute to better oral hygiene, helping your teeth and gums to stay healthy. Improperly aligned teeth can make cleaning and brushing more difficult and lead to tooth decay, gum disease and possibly tooth loss.

Are the benefits just cosmetic?

With this treatment, you will also enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile. Improved tooth alignment means easier access to tooth surfaces and gums during daily cleaning, reduction the chance of unwanted plaque buildup and tooth decay

How do I know if MTM Clear Aligner is right for me?

If you live in the Pasadena, Deer Park or surrounding area, please call us today for a consultation. We are happy to provide you with the advice you need. Call our office at 713-941-8261.