Medical Emergencies at the Dental Office

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Nugent talk about Medical Emergencies:

We have an emergency kit that Dr. Nugent will use if a medical emergency arises. Most common emergencies include: loss of consciousness, choking, diabetic complications, seizures, orthostatic hypotension (usually from the gravitational stress of suddenly standing after laying down for extended amount of time), drug allergy, chest pain, asthma, stroke, and cardiopulmonary emergencies.

We hope we never have to use our emergency kit or training but we are prepared if an emergency arises.

We are very proud that our office has an AED ( automatic external defibrillator). The AED is a computerized medical device that checks the beat of a person’s heart and gives a shock if needed. The AED tells the recovery team what to do with voice prompts, lights, and text messages on a screen.

The American Heart Association says that ventricular fibrillation, which means that the heart isn’t pumping right and is quivering because it’s getting the wrong kind of electrical stimulation, is the most common rhythm found in adults who have watched sudden cardiac arrest that wasn’t caused by an accident. Survival rates are best for these people when CPR is started right away and a defibrillator is used within three to five minutes.

If the need arises to perform CPR on someone at the office, they will be receiving the absolute highest standard of care possible. Immediate action gives the patient the best chance of survival while we wait for the ambulance.

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