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It is a straightforward fact that people dislike visiting the dentist. Dr. Nugent is a leader in the field of sedation dentistry. Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is one of the simplest sedation options. It has been used securely for more than a century. With its calming effect, this mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen reduces anxiety, minimizes an overactive gag reflex, increases your pain threshold, and makes your dental visit pleasurable and comfortable.

Nitrous Oxide is non-addictive, predictable, and reliable, and is possibly the healthiest sedative used in dentistry. You remain completely conscious and retain all of your natural reflexes throughout the treatment. Both infants and adults can use it. In fact, 85 percent of pediatric dentists administer “laughing gas” to their patients. After the nitrous oxide is turned off and you are transferred to pure oxygen to breathe, you recover within five minutes. After the visit, it is fine to drive and resume normal activities.

The nitrous oxide is delivered via a “mask” or nosepiece that fits snugly over the nose. The amount you receive can be personalized to meet your specific requirements. The drug produces a euphoric effect that may be accompanied by sensations in the hands and feet. Some users report feeling euphoric, hence the name laughing gas. The most frequent response is, “I’m aware of what’s happening, but it doesn’t bother me.”

Contraindications to using nitrous oxide include pregnancy, discomfort with objects around the nostrils, and respiratory conditions that make breathing through the nose difficult. It is recommended to fast for approximately two hours prior to treatment. Nitrous oxide is beneficial for patients with a history of cardiac issues because it reduces tension and provides two to three times as much oxygen as normal air.

Nitrous oxide does not affect teeth.. Therefor, you will still receive local anesthesia to prevent pain. . However, after being administered nitrous oxide for several minutes, many patients report that they did not feel the injection or were aware of it but unconcerned.

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Also, Dr. Nugent has more dental sedation options. Be sure to ask him next time about the many sedation options available.


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