Laser Cavity Detection

Dentist in Pasadena, TX To Use Advanced Laser Cavity Detection

Laser Dentist Pasadena TexasA new laser cavity detection tool is available for dentists to use in order to aid the discovery of small cavities.

Dr. Michael Nugent is uses a Diagnodent Laser that detects tooth decay that has not progressed enough to be detectable for conventional diagnoses methods.

Due to the advancements in oral care such as fluoridation of water and a more open discussion of proper oral hygiene routines, enamel has become harder and more resistant. This can make tooth decay concealed and hard to detect because it remains under the tooth’s surface.

With traditional methods like x-rays and probing, up to 50 percent of tooth decay may pass by undetected. The painless laser detection offered by Diagnodent Laser provides dentists with a numerical reading of the hardness of the enamel.

Diagnodent Laser is calibrated to each patient’s individual tooth structure and is then scanned gently across the teeth. It will provide a digital number that indicates the amount of fluorescence that is picked up by the laser. The greater the number and fluorescence detected, the higher the degree of decay is within the tooth.

According to Dr. Nugent, “Better detection of cavities is vital for your health.

The sooner a cavity is detected, the more treatment options are available. This can drastically reduce the cost of dental restoration for patients and the need for emergency dental care.

Diagnodent Laser is safe for both primary teeth in children as well as permanent teeth. Studies show that it is equally accurate on both types of teeth and is harmless when used by a dental professional.

Dr. Nugent says, “I have the technology in my office that I would want if I was the patient.