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Dental Sealants are a quick and inexpensive way to help prevent decay. The back teeth have grooves. These groves drop down into microscopic cracks. A tooth brush bristle can not get all the way to the bottom of the crack. Thus, this is an area for bacteria to hide and cause cavities. A dental sealant covers up these grooves and eliminates hiding spots for the bacteria.

Dental sealants do not damage the teeth. They are a simple flowable white filling material that is placed on top of the grooves and “seals” the grooves. The vast majority of decay starts on the chewing surface of teeth. If you can eliminate this decay area on  your child’s teeth it will help tremendously in preventing decay.

Who Should Have Sealants placed?

Around the age of six, children begin to develop their permanent teeth. The molars and premolars continue to erupt until they are in their late teens. Your child’s dental hygiene may be poor, increasing the risk of decay. Sealants safeguard your child’s teeth as they develop over time.

As a result, they keep children’s infections and oral health concerns at bay. Furthermore, with proper care and maintenance, the materials last for many years. As a result, your child’s teeth are safe until they can practice good oral hygiene.

Adults can also have sealants put to their teeth for added protection. Unfortunately, even if they practice good oral hygiene, kids can get cavities. Furthermore, the biochemical changes in saliva that occur with age make individuals susceptible to tooth decay.

Sealants can be painted on babies’ teeth. Sealants may be recommended by the dentist if the child’s teeth have deep grooves, pits, and fissures. Furthermore, some babies who are at high risk of tooth decay may benefit from sealants to avoid early tooth loss.

Is Sealant Insurance Covered?

Teeth sealants for children are a cavity-prevention dentistry therapy. As a result, they are covered for little or no cost by most dental insurance policies.

Parents without insurance, on the other hand, should consider paying for the sealants out of pocket. Your child deserves further cavity protection. This one-time procedure is less expensive than dental restorations due to cavities.

Coming to Dr. Nugent’s office should be fun for you child. Help you child be disease free by investing in dental sealants.

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