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Implant and Tooth

Dr. Nugent, would you ever suggest extracting a tooth and replacing it with an implant?

Absolutely!! Sometimes extracting failing or about to fail natural teeth is the most conservative option. Dr. Nugent loves to save natural teeth. However, is the long term prognosis for a natural tooth is not good then it does not make sense to “throw” time and money at a tooth that is not expected to last.

Periodontal (gum) disease can completely destroy the bone and support for a natural tooth. The prognosis is extremely poor. Therefore, it would be advisable to extract the tooth. Eliminate the infection. Then place a dental implant.

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A severely fractured tooth is hopeless and will need to be extracted. When the fracture travels into the root then there is absolutely no way to save the tooth. The best option will be to extract the fractured tooth and place a dental implant.

Root canal teeth can become brittle and susceptible to fractures. Also, teeth with root canals can develop secondary infections that can be hard to treat. Dr. Nugent will discuss the options of retreating the tooth with a root canal or extraction followed by a dental implant.

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