Dentist Take Home Teeth Bleaching

Teeth Bleaching Pasadena TexasTeeth Bleaching Pasadena Texas

Brighten Your Smile Conveniently With Custom Take-Home Whitening

Over time, drinks like coffee and tea can really stain your teeth, leaving you with a dull smile. Luckily, at-home teeth whitening kits provide an easy and affordable way to restore your bright, beautiful smile. Here’s an overview of how custom whitening trays work and why this treatment is so popular.

Peroxide Gel Safely Lifts Stains from Teeth

The active ingredient in teeth whitening kits is carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. When applied to teeth in customized trays, the peroxide gently penetrates the enamel and breaks down stain molecules through a chemical reaction. This process lifts away intrinsic stains safely and naturally brightens teeth over multiple treatments. Teeth bleaching does not damage the teeth.

Because the gel is contained in fitted trays, it stays in contact with teeth without irritating gums or soft tissues. The dentist-supervised treatment allows you to gradually whiten your teeth on your own schedule.

Custom Whitening Trays Made Just for Your Teeth

The key to consistent, quality results is using trays molded specifically to fit your teeth. Our Pasadena Dental Office will take upper and lower dental impressions and use these models to create custom whitening trays that adhere closely to your teeth.

This precision fit ensures full contact between the whitening gel and all front and back tooth surfaces. Off-the-shelf trays can’t match this perfect fit. Your custom trays will come with syringes of peroxide-based whitening gel to insert into the trays at home.

Benefits of Whiter, Brighter Teeth

Removing years of discoloration leaves you with a fresh, youthful smile. Whitening your teeth offers these advantages:

  • Instantly reverses drink and aging stains
  • Enhances the look of your smile for photos and events
  • Restores natural tooth shade for a beautiful smile
  • Affordable compared to veneers or dental bonding
  • Done conveniently at home around your schedule
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem

Take advantage of custom take-home whitening for an affordable, dramatic smile transformation without invasive procedures! Ask our Pasadena Texas Dental office about teeth whitening.