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Cosmetic Dentistry comes in different applications. Here is a fun emergency case I did right the day before Thanksgiving. A new patient called and has a dental emergency. Her front crown fractured. We got her in and wow, her front crown was fractured in half. It was interesting as the previous dentist used a weak porcelain material to make the crown. There are a lot stronger cosmetic materials then what the previous dentist used. Maybe the previous dentist did not know all the options available? If you don’t keep up with advancements in dental materials you get stuck doing outdated dentistry.

So Houston…we have  a problem. We have a young, beautiful patient that is missing half of her front tooth right before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Dr. Nugent and Cosmetic Dentistry to the rescue. A quick temporary fix. Patient will return for a new crown.


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Cosmetic Dentistry in Pasadena Texas

Cosmetic Dentistry is nothing more than doing good general dentistry. I never took a “How to make a tooth ugly” class. Knowing and keeping up with advancements in dental materials is also a big factor in cosmetic dentistry. Knowing and picking the best restorative materiel possible makes for better results.

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