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Teeth Bleaching Pasadena TexasCreate The Smile That You Always Wanted With Teeth Whitening

People have always fought the effects of aging in order to look and feel younger. However, in the past 30 years there has been a huge paradigm shift in the way we view ourselves as we get older. Plastic surgeons have brought facelifts, breast implants and tummy tucks to the mainstream population. All of these procedures are for cosmetic appearance. People are changing their attitudes, habits and preconceived perceptions about aging.

One of the most striking and dramatic cosmetic dental procedures you can do easily, safely and quickly perform is Teeth Whitening.

Teeth Whitening will give you a more youthful and cosmetic smile

Humans are living longer, and living better. Medical advancements have played a large roll. Also, all that effort put into diet and exercise is paying off. And while you’re going through your paces on the treadmill, ponder another part of you that might need a bit of improvement: your smile and whether or not you have white teeth.

With age, one of the first things to go is the white healthy smile. Old teeth become stained yellow and gray. Teeth are porous and accumulate stain. And if you smoke or overindulge in coffee or cola, the darkening can be dramatic.

But just as our health habits have improved, so has cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Nugent has the tools and teeth whitening products to perfect the color, and the healthful look, of your teeth.

Dr. Nugent uses at home bleaching trays to bring about a white youthful smile. The at home bleaching is the cheapest and best way to get a white healthy smile.

Look Younger With Tooth Whitener and Tooth Bleaching Products from a Trusted Dentist.

Either way, your teeth will whiten like magic, and you’ll have a fresher, younger smile. Tooth Whitener Can Get You The Smile You’ve Always Wanted. Contact our Pasadena, Texas Dental office today at 713-941-8261 to see how we can change your smile.

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Do you wish that you had a whiter smile? Are your teeth stained? Have you tried and been disappointed by the over-the-counter teeth whitening products, whitening toothpaste and those mail order kits? Pasadena, Texas Dentist Dr. Nugent has a successful way to REALLY whiten your teeth.

Using a professional teeth whitening system, you can get dramatic results in a matter of days by teeth bleaching at home.

What is tooth whitening?

It is a whitening process that lightens the discolorations of enamel and dentin. The teeth whitening system uses a whitening gel that is retained in a custom-fitted appliance. Teeth staining is mostly internal as teeth enamel is porous. The teeth bleaching get works to eliminate the internal staining on teeth.

Is the process safe?

Clinical research has shown that using a properly formulated professional tooth whitening gel under the supervision of a dentist is safe for teeth and gums. Teeth bleaching has been used in dentistry for over thirty years.

How long will the results last?

That depends on how fast your teeth staining and why you are putting in your mouth. People that drink lots of coffee and tea will experience fast teeth staining. Most patients touch-up periodically, one or two nights every six months.

How long does it take?

Results are usually seen in the first several days. Maximum results generally occur when the process is continued for 10 to 14 days (or nights).