Implant Denture

Dental Implant Dentures Pasadena, Deer Park Texas:

Don’t suffer with old fashioned dentures. Old fashioned dentures are NOT stable. These types of dentures rub on the gum tissue and increase the loss of your jaw bone and gum tissue.

 Implant Dentures:

Pasadena Texas Dentist Dr. Nugent can create stable and secure denture by utilizing dental implants. The implants are placed into the jawbone where they fuse with the bone. This creates locked in anchor points. Then an implant denture can be created that “snaps” onto the implants. This results in an amazingly secure denture. No more fixodent. No more lose dentures. No more anxiety and worrying about your dentures falling out. Furthermore, the implants stimulate and preserve the bone levels in the jawbone.



Implant dentures are the solution to your denture problems. You deserve the best dental care possible. Patients from Pasadena and Deer Park seek out Dr. Nugent for his implant skills.

Dentures Supported by Implants

This is a great option for people who currently wear dentures as well as those who require complete rehabilitation of either their upper or lower teeth. The cost of implant-supported dentures is roughly half that of a full non-removable implant treatment plan, making them a very durable and attractive option. For the majority of patients, three to four implants can be placed in the lower jaw and four for the upper jaw. Then, a precise attachment is fitted to these implants, enabling a personalized denture to “snap” into place. Once in position, the patient will benefit from a denture that offers improved retention and functionality and does not shift or move around.

Be happy in life, live your life, and don’t worry about your dentures.

Implant Denture Pasadena, Deer Park Texas

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Dental Implant Dentures Pasadena Texas