Dentures and Implants Dentures

Pasadena Texas Dental Implant Dentures:

An old fashioned way to replace teeth is with dentures. This replaces the appearance of teeth but the dentures in no way function like real teeth. If you suffer with old fashioned dentures you know the dentures are uncomfortable, unstable, annoying and painful. The dentures merely float on the gum tissue. This allows the dentures to fall out during talking, laughing and eating.

Pasadena, Texas Dentist Dr. Nugent can make dental implant dentures that are stable and secure. The dentures “snap” onto the dental implants creating a secure and stable platform.

Dental Implant Dentures


Get rid of messy, gooey denture adhesives.

Get rock solid dental implant dentures.



Dr. Nugent recommends implant supported dentures if you need to replace several or all of the teeth in a whole arch. This restoration provides all of the security of single-tooth implants without the expense of replacing every single tooth!  Dental Implant Dentures resemble standard dentures in appearance, but they are supported by dental implants. Old Fashioned Denture patients complain that their dentures are loose and “float” around their mouth, affecting their ability to eat and speak comfortably. Implant dentures create stable and secure dentures.

Dental implants, which resemble screws in appearance, are surgically implanted into the jawbone to securely hold your denture. After the implants have been inserted and adequate healing time has passed, your denture is attached on top. Implants provide remarkable stability to your denture. In fact, many patients say their implant-retained dentures feel and operate much like real teeth.

If you’ve lost all of your natural teeth, you’re undoubtedly all too familiar with the difficulties that come with eating, speaking, and even smiling. Even wearing a denture to replace your teeth isn’t the same, as it gradually loses its fit and slips out of position. Fortunately, anchoring your full denture to dental implants is a simple approach to make it as secure as natural teeth. Dr. Nugent would love to help you restore a reliable smile with implant dentures.


The vast majority of individuals who have lost several or all of their teeth are candidates for dental implants. Prior to dental implant surgery, some individuals may require a dental bone graft, for example. However, as long as a patient is in good oral and overall health and is committed to keeping proper dental hygiene after having their implants, almost any adult can be a good implant denture candidate!


Implant dentures outperform traditional dentures in almost every way. Some of their benefits include:

  • Staying firmly in place while chewing nearly any food.
  • Never shift or fall out of your mouth.
  • Keeping the jawbone from shrinking as it would normally after tooth loss.
  • Looking and feels really real.
  • Implant dentures don’t need denture adhesives

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