Denture Patients

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The Truth about Patients with Dentures:

Patients with Dentures

  • 62.5% aware their dentures move
  • 50% don’t eat certain foods
  • 17% eat better without their teeth
  • 16.5% never wear their lower denture

Old Fashioned Dentures are horrible as the move, slip and fall out. They rub on the gum tissue causing painful ulcers. Over a Billion dollars is spent on Polygrip each year.  The denture adhesives are messy and expensive.


If you wait to get dental implants there may not be enough bone left. Old fashioned dentures only rest on the gum tissue. These dentures actually accelerate the loss of bone and gum tissue. Thus, there is less available bone and patients will need advanced bone grafts.

However, when dental implants are placed the forces of chewing are passed down the implant into the bone. This stimulation keeps the bone healthy and stable.

Implant Stabilization with only two Dental Implants


 Patient talking about her dental implant dentures.


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