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Thousands of peer reviewed scientific journals continue to verify the association between periodontal (gum) disease and heart disease. People with gum disease have 1.7 times the risk of heart disease and 2.2 times the risk of death. The main culprit is the bacteria prophyromonas gingivalis. Furthermore, chronic inflammation of the gum tissue by prophyromonas gingivalis could be involved in arteriosclerosis (inflammation of the blood vessels that leads up to the build up of the blood vessels)

Periodontal disease is a major concern. Thus, Dr. Nugent and his staff are so concerned with the health of your gum tissue. What are the pocket depths, is there bleeding, what is the color of the gum tissue…etc

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We offer non-surgical gum infection cleanings. We can also use a local antibiotic in the gum tissue to help fight infection.

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Gum Disease Pasdaena Texas
Tongue Cleaning Reduces Bad Breath

Nearly everyone has had bad breath. Bad breath is more common in the morning due to overnight dryness. Saliva flow is the lowest and bacteria can more readily grow. The bacteria form a biofilm on the teeth and tongue.

Also, cavities, periodontal (gum) disease, and poor oral hygiene can contribute to bad breath. You should see Dr. Nugent for an exam if you have bad breath.

Things you can do to help prevent bad breath are to brush your teeth three times a day, floss twice a day, use anti-bacterial mouth wash and clean your tongue three times a day. At the grocery store they sale tongue scrapers and brushes. These devices help clean debris and bacteria of your tongue.

Gum Disease Pasadena Texas


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