Dental Xrays

Pasadena, Texas Dentistry:

Digital Dental X-raysDental X-rays

Dr. Nugent will utilize digital x-rays to examine your teeth and bone structure for decay and pathology. The digital x-rays are faster and use less radiation then old x-ray techniques.

But are X-rays really need and what about the radiation?

Yes, dental x-rays are absolutely needed. Dental x-rays are used to discover decay between teeth, under old fillings and crowns. Also, x-rays are used to evaluate the supporting bone around teeth. Lastly, x-rays can discover dental abscesses, cysts and tumors. Dental X-rays are diagnostic tests that give Dr. Nugent information so she can accurately diagnosis and treat you correctly.

The radiation from dental x-rays is so minimal that doing absolutely nothing people get more than 3 times the level of bite wing x-ray radiation from background radiation EVERY DAY!!!!


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