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Advanced Dental Technology Pasadena Texas:

CBCT 3-D xrays

CBCT Cone Beam technology provides a digital 3D view of the patient’s jaw.  The old-style x-ray are only two-dimensional.  Therefore, with CBCT Dr. Nugent is able to get a full 360 degree view of the tooth and all surrounding areas.  The 3D Cone Beam scanner provides nearly unlimited views of the teeth while using extremely less radiation. This advanced technology is fast, simple and painless, and provided many amazing benefits that were unavailable only a few years ago.

Advanced Dental Implants


CAD/CAM Dentistry

Dentist 77504Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Milling (CAM) offers cutting-edge treatment options with less waiting time for a crown. Dr. Nugent uses CEREC technology to design, create and deliver your dental crowns in one visits. After the tooth is prepared, an optical scanner is used to take a digital impression. No more gagging, gooey, foul tasting impression material jammed into your mouth. Next, Dr. Nugent will design your crown and then send the information via Wi-Fi to a milling machine. The crown is made in less than 15 minutes while you watch. Advancements in materials and technology have allowed Dr. Nugent to create restorations that both look amazing, provide increased strength, and reduce the need for multiple visits to the office. Get your crown all in one visit. No more wearing a plastic temporary tooth and taking time off from work to come back to cement your crown.


Our office uses lasers in order to deliver the highest standards of dental care. The use of lasers in dentistry has brought about many great advancements. The use of lasers allows for procedures that are less painful, and provide a reduction in bleeding. Furthermore, lasers are used in conjunction with dental cleanings to kill bacteria in the gum issue pockets around teeth. Plus, a laser allows Dr. Nugent to use a laser instead of a scalpel blade. The laser is much gentler on the tissue and has extremely low post surgery pain. Our practice uses lasers to improve your dental care.

Dr. Michael Nugent is a General Dentist located at 3421 Burke Rd, Pasadena, Texas 77504. He believes in having the very best in dental technology in order to deliver the most comprehensive and advanced dental treatment possible. He is one of the few dentists that has 3D xrays and can 3D print surgical guides for safer implant surgeries. Get the best in dental care for you and your family. Call us today at 713-941-8261.