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Q. Dr Nugent. How does Sleep Dentistry work? How would I know if I am a candidate for Sleep Dentistry?

A.  Great Question. Sleep Dentistry is actually an inaccurate term. Patients are not “asleep” during their procedures. Most patients report they are so comfortable during the procedure they think they are asleep. However, you will be able to communicate and maintain your airway. Basically, you will be breathing on your own and can tell Dr. Nugent is you are hot, cold or need a bathroom break.

Dental Sedation Pasdaena Texas

The correct term is Sedation Dentistry. With sedation dentistry you will take a small pill prior to your appointment. This will make you very relaxed and drowsy. You will be placed on a vital sign monitor. Next, Dr. Nugent will place you on Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to further relax you.

People that are candidates for sedation dentistry include:

  • Patients wanting to get all their dentistry done at one time.
  • People scared of the dentist.
  • Patients who have severe anxiety at the dentist office.
  • Patients who have a difficulty laying down.
  • People who gag easily.
  • Patients with disabilities

Dr. Nugent holds special sedation permits governed by the State of Texas to offer complex sedation options at his Pasadena, Texas dental office. Patients love Dr. Nugent’s pleasant bed side manner. There is no lectures of making you feel bad when you come to our office. We are here to help you. Discover the many wonderful aspects of Sedation Dentistry.



There really is such a thing as dental anxiety, and you are not alone! Dental anxiety is widespread among the general public; over 80% of persons report having some level of anxiety before visiting the dentist. Dental anxiety can be brought on by worries about not being completely sedated, worrying about having a terrible experience at a previous session, dreading sitting still for extended periods of time, or worrying about having a strong gag reflex that makes it impossible to do necessary procedures.

It’s not necessary to be anxious before going to the dentist! Dr. Nugent will go above and beyond to make sure you enjoy your visit and feel at ease.

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