Dental Sedation Dentist Deer Park Texas

 Deer Park Texas Dental Sedation:

Escape your fears and anxiety and experience the comfort, gentle and compassionate way sedation dentistry can help you.

With nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation most patients say they have little to no memory of their dental appointment. Pasadena, Texas you no longer have to fear the dentist! Dr. Michael Nugent and let him show you what a difference sedation dentistry can make. Discover a dentist that has a real passion for what he does, compassion for your individual and unique needs and a sincere concern for your comfort.

Sedation in Dentistry

The protocols for treating patients with sedation were established by Medical Doctors in the U.S. around 40 years ago. However, patients often ask dentists for sedation and the uneducated dentists will try anything to change the patients mind. A majority of dentists do not want to take the additional training and accreditation classes that are required for dental sedation. Dr. Nugent has special permits issued form the State of Texas to offer dental sedation in his Pasadena, Texas Dental Office. If you believe that sedation (which is used as the standard of care for the rest of the body), is required for your specific dental care, call us now.

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)

  1. Is super easy to administer. Simply, breathe in through your nose.
  2. Works rapidly and is extremely safe.
  3. The level of sedation can be easily raised or lowered.
  4. No post surgery sedation effects.

Oral Sedation

1. Oral sedation allows patients to relax through long dental appointment. This results in the patient’s dental care being completed more quickly.

2. The use of oral sedation is extremely safe.

3. The sedation effects last for a few hours after the procedure. This greatly minimizes complaints of post-operative pain.

4. Must have someone drive you home.

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