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Dental Sedation:

Oral conscious sedation, which is also known as Sedation Dentistry or Sleep Dentistry, involves using drugs to eliminate stress and anxiety at the dental office. Sedation reduces the anxiety and fear sometimes associated with coming to the dentist.

Dental Sedation is not like other forms of pain relief, such as general anesthesia. When using general anesthesia, the patient is unconscious and loses complete control of their airway and nervous system. However, with oral conscious sedation, you are able to speak and respond to all of the questions that the dentist may ask you. If water goes down your throat you autonomic nervous system will close you airway and you will cough. Most patients refer to their time under dental sedation as if they are “sleeping.” Usually, dental sedation is administered to the patient before the appointment with Dr. Nugent at his office.

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People who may see the greatest benefit from oral conscious sedation are those that:

  • Fear needles
  • Have a dental fear
  • A history of bad experiences at former dentist
  • Are difficult to numb
  • Hyper gag reflex
  • Painful gums or teeth
  • Those who want to have multiple procedures done during the same appointment.


Some other benefits include the way it is administered which is almost always orally and without needles. This is a very safe and low cost option for sedation. One negative with dental sedation is that you cannot drive to and from your appointment. You will need an adult to safely drive you home and help you into your house.

Dr. Nugent will review your current medications, and do a thorough medial review on you before administering sedation medication. You cannot eat or drink for 12 hours before the appointment. You will take your medication one hour before the scheduled appointment time.

Receive the dental care you need without dental fear and anxiety. Find out how dental sedation is helping Deer Park residents achieve proper dental health. Visit us at 3421 Burke Rd Ste A, Pasadena Texas 77504.

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