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Four Top Secret Dental Secrets

These Top Secret Dental Secrets will probably get my kicked out of the Dentist Superhero Club. I reveal these guarded secrets in order for you to have accesses to the best dental knowledge.

1. Put the Coke down!

It was engineered by an evil scientist. Not only does it have sugar but Coke itself is acidic. That right, when you drink Coke you are drinking a substance that can physically rot your teeth. So drop the Coke (Soda or Pop if you were raised outside of Texas), your teeth with thank you.

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2.  Dentists can fix cavities, but there is another way!

There is another way to fix cavities. Cavities that Dr. Nugent fixes don’t start off as big craters in your teeth. They start out as super small spots of decalcification on the surface of your teeth. These areas of enamel breakdown can be fixed on their own if you have 1) healthy saliva flow 2) regular exposure to fluoride. Fluoride remineralizes the surface of your teeth and also makes the teeth stronger. Dr. Nugent loves for patients to use Prevident 5000 toothpaste at night. This prescription toothpaste is inexpensive and provides more fluoride than toothpaste from the grocery store. Also, after your dental cleaning a professional fluoride application is highly recommended.

3. Gum Disease (periodontal disease) is a tooth killer.

More people over the age of 30 lose teeth to gum disease rather than trauma or decay. Gum disease is a bacterial infection. The highest risk factor for this disease is smoking. Sure there are other risk factors like: 1. Home oral care 2. Specific bacteria in your mouth 3. How frequently you see the dentist 4. Diabetes 5. Your immune system. However, smoking is the biggest factor for gum disease that we see in our office. Ask about the ultimate dental cleaning that utilizes a laser to kill bacteria.

4. Floss the teeth you want to keep.

People who smoke and drink Cokes are more likely to have dental problems. So who are more likely to NOT have dental problems? The answer is simple. Patients who brush and floss regularly have the fewest dental problems. Flossing removes the bacteria colonies in between the teeth. Furthermore, patients who floss AND use an electric toothbrush rarely need Dr. Nugent.

These secret dental tricks are not actually that secret.

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