Does My Dental Insurance Pay?


Pasadena Texas Family Dentist talk about Dental Insurance:

A contract between an insurance company and a plan sponsor (employer or union) is the basis for the majority of dental benefit plans. There are literally hundreds of different plans, each with their own set of restrictions, exclusions, deductibles, annual or lifetime coverage maximums, co-payment amounts, and cost schedules. Your new plan might not resemble your previous one if you recently moved employment.

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If you are being offered a plan, ask if there are several plans from which to choose. Beside yourself, who in the family will be covered? See if the plan you choose covers pre-existing conditions. If the plan is provided by your union or employer, is there any direct cost to you? If so, how much? Compare this with what you understand the benefits of the program to be.

To provide you with the best help regarding your dental coverage, we ask that you bring relevant documentation to our front desk. Your insurance policy and ID number are required. Bring your benefits booklet—this is crucial. Contact your employer or insurance provider and ask for one if you don’t already have one.

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Once we read the benefits book, we can project a general idea for what services and treatment are covered and the percentage of reimbursement. Many third party payers request a “predetermination of benefits” on treatment plans. We can submit the proper form and appropriate records to the insurance company. They will return it with the accepted, allowable treatment and the exact amount of coverage.

HOWEVER, it must be noted that even after all our research the dental insurance companies may decide not not pay their in full. The insurance companies have so many rules to help them get out of payment. Therefore, it is always an estimate as to what the dental insurance will pay.

We should be able to answer most of your questions. Some plans will only allow the least expensive way to treat a problem, regardless of your choice or our recommendation. We would hope that you don’t base your dental needs and oral health solely on what benefits your plan allows. Our office is glad to discuss a variety of payment options that will allow you to receive the necessary treatment while maximizing your insurance benefits.

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