Dental Insurance and Dental Implants

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After learning of the cost of dental implants, many patients have a single question: Are they covered by my dental insurance? This might seem like a simple yes or no question. However, the answer is not so simple. Coverage of dental implant surgery can depend dental insurance and just how much an insurance plan covers can depend on several factors:

  • Insurance provider
  • Plan annual limits
  • Plan coverage details

Some dental insurance plans cover implants, and some do not. Each patient needs to investigate their options. Our office will do our best to find out the limitations of your plans. Questions that we will ask your insurance carrier will include: Is there a prior tooth extraction? What about I.V. sedation? What about bone grafting?

Dental insurance companies exist to make money. They are great taking in premiums and write policies to limit how much they pay out. Here are some potential scenarios to keep in mind:

  • If a dental insurance policy covers implants, be sure to review the plan’s annual limit as there may be some additional out-of-pocket payment.
  • Benefits depend solely on an individual policy. Do not base your implant budget decisions on anyone else’s experience.
  • The crown and abutment of the dental implant can be covered under some dental plans.
  • Insurance covering injuries and accidents that require the replacement of one or more teeth may allow for dental implants.

As one of the only long-term answers for missing teeth, dental implants are truly an investment, often providing a lifelong solution without the upkeep required with bridges or dentures. Dr. Nugent is a leader in dental implant therapy in the Greater Pasadena Texas area.

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