Do Dental Implants Hurt?

Dr. Nugent is dental implant treatment painful?

Most dental implant patients report soreness for one or two days after the surgical dental implant placement. Usually over the counter pain medication works to elevate the soreness. However if needed, a prescription for pain medication will be provided. Dr. Nugent’s patients almost always report that getting the dental implant placed was really not that big of a deal. Dental implants can be placed with just simple local anesthesia. Dr. Nugent’s Father, Father-in-law and Mother-in-law all had their dental implants surgically placed with just local anesthesia. Dr. Nugent’s father and Mother-in-law had minor soreness only on the day of surgery. Dr. Nugent’s Father-in-law was sore for a couple of days but never needed to use prescription pain medication. A lot of patients get nervous because the placement of the dental implant is a “surgical procedure”. Don’t let the notion of a “surgical procedure” stop you from receiving the best quality of care. For patients that are nervous Dr. Nugent’s can provide dental sedation.



As a side note, Dr. Nugent had his wisdom teeth taken out with Dental Sedation. The procedure went so well (and the I.V. Sedation was so good) that Dr. Nugent decided he wanted to become a dentist.

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