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Are you missing a tooth or a few teeth?  Perhaps you are missing all of your teeth and struggle with dentures or partial dentures.  You have heard about dental implants but have wondered are dental implants worth the cost?  Let’s talk about it!

1. Nothing Dr. Nugent does in dentistry will last as long as a dental implant. Dental implants are the most technologically advanced way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are designed to function, feel and look just like natural teeth. Nothing lasts forever! Heck even marriages have a fifty percent chance of failing these days.  However if you want statistics, the average dental implant has a ninety-seven percent success rate. This is far superior then outdated tooth replacement option like bridges and dentures.


2. Dental implants prevent more major dental work in the future. Dr. Nugent hears from patients everyday that visiting the dentist and having dental work is not something patients look forward too. With dental implants Dr. Nugent can give you ideal dental solutions that will prevent further dental work. Dental implants are a very conservative treatment option because dental implants do not damage adjacent teeth like bridges or partial dentures.  Old fashioned bridges require aggressive cutting on the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. Because the teeth have to be cut so aggressively there is a high chance that these teeth will need root canal treatment in the future. With bridges it is difficult to clean and loss your teeth because now multiple teeth are splinted together. This causes hygienic problems and can lead to cavities on the anchor teeth of the bridge. This decay will necessitate the cutting off of the bridge and either remaking the bridge or making the bridge larger. The top two reasons old fashioned bridges fail is because of decay on anchor teeth and failed root. The beauty of dental implants is that they will NEVER get a cavity and will NEVER need a root canal.

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Also, a bridge does nothing to stimulate the bone in the area of the missing tooth. Overtime the bone levels will atrophy leaving a hole between the gum tissue and the bridge. Not only is this very unattractive, the hole creates a food and plaque trap. One of the great advantages of dental implants is that the implant stimulates and preserves bone levels.

Partial Denture Pasadena TexasA partial denture is an unwieldy plastic prosthesis that uses metal wires to grab remaining teeth to support the plastic teeth. The remaining natural teeth must bear increased forces that put extra strain on the natural teeth. Also, the metal wires make plaque and bacteria difficult to remove when patients brush their teeth. This leads to an increased chance that additional teeth will be lost due to decay. The partial denture does nothing to preserve bone where teeth are missing. This bone loss can cause foundation support problems with the remaining teeth that leads to tooth loss. Now a larger partial denture will have to be made. Partial dentures come in and out and must be taken out at night. Often patients are embarrassed about their missing teeth and sleep in their partial dentures. This cause many problems that will have to be treated in the future. Lastly, because partial dentures are so unattractive many patients eventually discard the dentures and go with cosmetic dental implants.


3. Missing teeth can cause many problems.

Missing Teeth Pasadena TexasThese problems include:

  • The preservation of jawbone. Once a tooth is lost the bone around the missing tooth dissolves and disappears. Only dental implants stimulate and preserve bone levels.
  • Teeth work as a team. When a tooth is lost the teeth will try to “find” the missing tooth. The teeth from the opposing jaw will move through to the bone attempting to make contact with the missing tooth. The teeth to either side of the missing tooth will tilt into the space one occupied by the missing tooth.
  • With the teeth shifting and drifting to trying to “find” the missing tooth, patients’ bite and chewing can become altered. These alterations include diminished chewing forces and incorrect teeth alignment.
  • With the teeth out of alignment Tempro-mandibular Jaw (TMJ) problems can develop.
  • Increased difficulty to clean teeth because of the shifting and misalignment.
  • Teeth are designed to distribute and share the tremendous forces of chewing. When teeth are missing it forces the remaining teeth to shoulder excessive forces. Often times the teeth cannot tolerate the additional forces long term and these remaining teeth are compromised and have to be removed.

4. Dental implants will keep you from having to wear dentures or partial dentures.  The number on complaint Dr. Nugent hears about dentures is that patients hate having to take their plastic teeth in and out of their mouths. This is understandable, who wants to look at their teeth on the nightstand at bed time. Dental implants are placed into jawbone where they fuse with bone. They are anchored in the bone and do not come out. The number one compliment Dr. Nugent hears from his dental implant patients is that they forget they even have a dental implant. Because dental implants are designed to mimic natural teeth from the root up to the crown, dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth.

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5. The initial investment in dental implants can be higher than older tooth replacement options. However, the extreme long term successes of dental implants mean that you will be only paying for the tooth replacement option one time. Plus, dental implants do not compromise adjacent teeth and dental implants preserve bone. Older methods of teeth replacement like bridges and dentures will initially work but have grave consequences down the road when they fail. When bridges or dentures fail patients will be looking at greater dental problems and having to pay greater costs to deal with the new dental problems. Dr. Nugent has treated his Father, Father-in-law and Mother-in-law with dental implants because he wanted the best treatment possible and only wanted to work on his family members one time.


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