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Answer the following questions honestly!

  • Are you missing teeth?
  • Do your missing teeth keep you from smiling and laughing?
  • Do your missing teeth restrict and limit the food you love?
  • Do your missing teeth cause social embarrassment?

If you said yes than you need to talk with Dr. Michael Nugent about dental implants.

Dental Implants are the most advanced way to fix missing teeth. Dental Implants have revolutionized dentistry.

Dr. Nugent is leader in implant dentistry and sees patients from all over Texas for their implant needs.

With dental implants you will experience:

    • A strong, natural bite
    • Ability to eat what you want
    • Dental implants will look and feel just like your natural teeth


Dental Implant Dentures

Dr. Nugent has the ability to incorporate dental implants into old fashioned dentures creating dental implant dentures. Get rid of horrible lose ill-fitting dentures that rub sore spots on your gum tissue. Get rid of dentures that fall out and are embarrassing. Get ride of messy dental adhesives.

What benefits do Implant Dentures provide?

The mission of our physicians is to improve the lives of our patients by employing the most effective techniques. Implant-supported dentures can offer numerous benefits, such as:

  • Greater Stability – The dentures don’t move. Eat the foods you love.
  • More natural appearance and feel – The dentures are precisely aligned and molded to your mouth.
  • No need for gels and glues – Since the dentures snap onto the implants, there is no need for adhesives to keep them in position. You will have stable and secure dentures.

Implant dentures can provide patients with liberation from the limitations and inconveniences of removable dentures. The ability to eat tougher foods and a broader variety of foods is a major advantage of dentures that are anchored in place. Eat crisp and crunchy vegetables.  Your dentures should no longer move unfavorably, making it simpler to chew with assurance. Additionally, implant dentures result in less bone loss than other restorative options, such as traditional dentures. The jaw bone is preserved around the dental implants.

Do I qualify for Implant Dentures?

Implant-supported dentures can offer improved comfort, security, and confidence to a number of individuals seeking a permanent alternative to conventional dentures. Ideal candidates for the implant denture procedure have healthy gingival tissue and sufficient jawbone density to allow for the implants insertion into the jaw bone. Those contemplating treatment should be in relatively excellent health and be free of any diseases or conditions that could complicate the healing process. Men and women undergoing chemotherapy or radiation may not qualify for implant dentures.

What outcomes do Implant Dentures produce?

Implant dentures fit comfortably in the mouth will restore both the appearance of your smile and your ability to chew. The tiny titanium posts inserted into a person’s gum tissue to secure dentures are intended to remain firmly anchored for life.

In most cases, the recovery period following an implant-supported denture procedure is minimal. Typically, over-the-counter pain relievers can assuage any lingering discomfort caused by treatment. Patients may be advised to restrict themselves to a soft-food diet until they adjust to the sensation of their anchored dentures. With proper dental care, implant-supported dentures can be extremely durable and serve as an excellent alternative to conventional dentures.


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