Dental Implant Dentures in Pasadena Texas

Pasadena Texas Dental Implant Dentures:

Old fashioned dentures are miserable. Old bulky plastic dentures move, slip, fall out, cause sore spots, need denture adhesives and limit what can be eaten. Pasadena, Texas Cosmetic Dentist Michael Nugent creates dental implant dentures that are secure, stable, and allow patients to eat the foods they love. Say good-bye to horrible old fashioned dentures and say hello to beautiful cosmetic dental implant dentures.



Dental implants are placed in the jawbone and will act as an anchor for the custom abutments. The abutments protrude out of the gum tissue. The implant dentures will “snap” onto the abutments essentially locking the implant denture into place. The implant denture is locked onto the dental implant. This precise fit eliminates all the dreadful problems of old fashioned dentures. Eat the foods you love with stable and secure implant dentures.

Dental Implant Dentures Pasadena Texas


Furthermore, the dental implants in the bone will stimulate and preserve bone levels. The forces from chewing are transmitted down the dental implant into the bone. This stimulation maintains healthy bone levels.

Dr. Nugent is a leader in dental implant treatment. Dr. Nugent sees patients from Pasadena, Deer Park, La Porte, League City, Friendswood, Clear Lake, Webster and Houston Texas. Dr. Nugent loves dental implants and love to show why Dental Implant Dentures are such and amazing treatment option. For further reading, visit a Dr. Nugent’s comprehensive dental implant website to learn more about dental implant dentures.

Watch the video below to be blown away with the power of dental implant dentures. Patients that suffer with old fashioned dentures MUST watch this video.

Come discover why Dr. Nugent is a regional leader in dental implant therapy.
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Securing your dentures with dental implants is a long-term solution with numerous advantages, including:

  • Food chewing – There’s no reason to live with loose dentures, especially when eating. We understand how important eating comfortably is in your daily life.
  • Improved speech and self-esteem – Avoid the disadvantages of ill-fitting dentures that shift about as you speak.
  • No more lose dentures – the implant denures are stable and secure. No more denture adhesives and no more loose dentures.