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Old Fashioned Dentures:

  • Have not changed principles in hundreds of years. Still just a prosthesis that looks like teeth that floats on gum tissue.
  • Requires messy dental adhesives.
  • Move, slip, rub and fall out.
  • Cause sore spots on the gum tissue
  • Provide poor chewing forces.
  • Accelerate bone and gum tissue loss.
  • Source of embarrassment.
  • Prone to falling out during speech, laughter and eating.

Advanced Dental Implant Dentures:

  • Advanced Design.
  • Requires NO dental adhesives.
  • Stable and secure.
  • Implants are anchored in the jawbone.
  • Denture will snap over the implant locking the denture in place.
  • Implants will preserve the jawbone.
  • Provide tremendous chewing forces.
  • Increased self-confidence due to extreme stability of implant denture.

Dental Implant Dentures

Pasadena Texas Cosmetic Dentist Michael Nugent is a regional leader in dental implants. With a minimum of two dental implants, Dr. Nugent can create advanced dental implant dentures that are stable. If you are currently wearing old fashioned dentures Dr. Nugent can retrofit them implant dentures.

If you have old fashioned dentures or are about to go into dentures watch this jaw-dropping and stunning video about dental implant dentures.

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Are you currently wearing ill-fitting or sloppy removable dentures? If this is the case, you may be unaware that acquiring permanent dentures might improve the comfort and appearance of your false teeth. If you are missing one or more teeth, there are many treatment options available to restore function and beauty to your smile, and with proper care, they can last a lifetime.

Dentures are the most cost-effective way to replace missing teeth. If your present denture is not properly fitted, it may begin to loosen and shift over time. This could cause discomfort, impede speaking, and make eating certain foods difficult. Long-term use of removable dentures also result in jaw bone recession. Another concern with old fashioned dentures is the sticky mess that denture adhesives create when holding your prosthetic teeth in place.


patients have more options and benefits with fixed dentures than with detachable dentures or other dental solutions. The following are some of the advantages of getting a fixed denture implant to replace your missing teeth.

Patients with fixed dentures can eat whatever they desire without difficulties.

  • You no longer have to be concerned about biting into something too hard and damaging or causing the denture to come free.
  • Implant dentures protect your facial appearance and the aesthetic of your natural bone structure. They also help to reduce bone loss caused by tooth loss.
  • Implant dentures will enhance your smile
  • Because the dentures are stable, talking is easier.
  • Fixed dentures are designed for long-term efficacy if properly maintained.
  • Fixed dentures are simple to adapt to due to their resemblance to natural teeth.


Implant denture fitting requires dental surgery and might take up to six months to complete. The Dental implants are placed into the jawbone. Over time the jaw bone will grow around the dental implants and fuse to the implants. Now the implants can serfve as attachements for the the implant dentures.

Dental Implant Dentures Paadena Texas


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