Dental Implant Dentures

Pasadena, Texas Dental Implant Dentures:


Dr. Nugent is a Pasadena Dentist that can make dental implant dentures. These revolutionary dentures literally “snap” onto the implants creating a stable and secure denture. No more messy denture adhesives. No more stress about your dentures falling out during speech, eating or laughter. Get your life back with dental implant dentures.



Dr. Nugent is located at 3421 Burke Rd, Pasadena, Texas 77504. Get the best in dental implant dentures for you or your loves ones. Call us today at 713-941-8261.




Dental Implant Dentures:

  • Are stable
  • Will not rub sore spots on the gum tissue
  • Securely attach to the dental implants
  • Will not fall out during eating, speech or laughing
  • Preserve bone and gum tissue
  • Allow you to eat normal food again
  • Do not need denture adhesive
  • No embarrassing slipping or clicking when eating or talking
  • A tight fit
  • More comfortable than old fashioned denture

Implant Dentures Pasadena Texas


Implant Dentures Advantages

  • They are so comfortable that you might forget you’re wearing them.
  • You’re less prone to have food stuck under your denture or develop mouth sores and pain.
  • Because an upper implant denture does not cover the palate, natural temperature feeling and taste are preserved.
  • The denture is detachable, making it easier to maintain it and your mouth clean.
  • Implants aid in the maintenance of good bone density, preventing the appearance of a sunken face.
  • Expect to see more smiles and a greater appetite as the implant dentures are stable.

Discover how Dr. Nugent can transform your life with dental implant dentures. Dr. Nugent is a recognized leader in dental implant therapy. He is one of a few regional dentists that can both surgically place and then restore the dental implants. Dr. Nugent has advanced training in dental implant and has a Conebeam CT machine to take 3-D x-rays. Visit us at 3421 Burke Rd Ste A, Pasadena Texas 77504.