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What are dental implants?

Dental Implants Pasdena TexasPasadena,Texas residents know that Dental implants are the most advanced way to replace missing teeth. They have become the standard of care for teeth replacement for patients missing one, few or all of their teeth. Dental implants replicate natural teeth. On a dental implant there is a root, body and crown just like a natural tooth. The root is actually a titanium cylinder that is placed into the jaw bone where it fuses to the bone. The body of the dental implant is called the abutment. Lastly, a porcelain crown is cemented onto the abutment.

Because dental implants mimic natural teeth, dental implants look, feel and function just like natural teeth. There are many benefits of dental implants over other teeth replacement options. However, the two biggest advantages of dental implants are that they preserve bone and do not require the cutting on innocent teeth.

At his Pasadena Texas dental office Dr. Nugent helps people from Friendswood replace their missing teeth with dental implants. Dr. Nugent devotes a large part of his practice to dental implants. From replacing one missing tooth with a single dental implant to replacing many lost teeth with dental implants Dr. Nugent is a leader in implant dentistry.

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Dr. Nugent can also use dental implants to secure dentures in place. If you hate how your dentures fit and have to use messy dental adhesives then let Dr. Nugent show you how implant secured dentures are revolutionizing patients’ lives.

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Pasadena residents call implant leader Dr. Nugent at 713-941-8262 to get expert care in dental implant dentistry.