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How does the cost of dental implant compare

to other teeth replacement options?

Dental implants are initially more expensive than old fashioned teeth replacement options such as bridges or partial dentures. However, the long term prognosis of dental implant teeth make dental implants the superior financial investment.

For replacing a single missing tooth the most common options are a tooth supported bridge and a dental implant. The old fashioned bridge is slightly less expensive initially. However, the initial small savings become insignificant when the bridge fails and new more aggressive dental treatment is needed. In order to place a bridge, the adjacent teeth need to be drastically ground down to little stumps. The removed tooth structure can never be replaced. The dental bridge is cemented into place and now rigidly connects the teeth together. Often, the teeth that support the bridge will need root canals due to the aggressive cutting on the teeth. Also, because the bridge is rigid and fixed it is very difficult to clean and floss. The anchor teeth are at extreme risk for developing decay. Once an anchor tooth has decay the bridge has to be cut off, decay removed and a new bridge made. The anchor teeth that support the bridge often need to have root canals because of how much tooth structure was aggressively cut away. These root canals can fail or worse the root will fracture and the tooth will have to be removed. A bridge does not preserve bone levels. Therefore, over time the bone under the “fake tooth” will disappear leaving a void that is ugly and is a food trap.

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Dental Implant Saves Healthy Teeth

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A dental implant will never need a root canal and will never get decay. Patients clean and floss their dental implant tooth just like natural teeth.  Thus, a dental implant is the best option to replacing a missing tooth.

Because Dr. Nugent leverages technology to make surgeries safer, faster and more predictable his implant fee are way less then oral surgeons. Dr. Nugent uses 3D-xrays, implant planning software and 3D printers for surgical guide fabrication.

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Patients hate taking a partial denture in and out. The partial denture is more for looks as the partial denture does little to help with chewing of food. The partial clamps onto remaining teeth often causes decay on these teeth. Furthermore, patients do not like the fact that they have to take their teeth out at night. Patients love that dental implants do no come out and tooth implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

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