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For most people a routine dental exam and cleaning twice a year is routine. However, some patients find an excuse to skip their appointments. The excuses list is long- busy schedule, anxiety, work, watching the kids or simple forgetfulness. No matter the reason why you have neglected your appointments, it is important to call our Pasadena Dental Office to schedule your dental exams and cleaning. Dr. Nugent and Hygienists thoroughly examine your gum tissue and teeth. Early detection and preventive care is vital to keeping your mouth healthy.

What Happens during a Dental Exam?

Dental exams are typically performed in conjunction with routine cleanings. During your appointment, your hygienist will remove the bacteria, plaque, and tartar from your teeth. While they are cleaning the teeth they get an intimate view of your dental health and hygiene. Then Dr. Nugent will come in and use his magnification glasses and light to check your teeth for any exterior decay or structural damage.

Dental exams are designed to evaluate your entire mouth. X-rays are one of the most common diagnostic tools.  X-rays give Dr. Nugent detailed view of your individual teeth, allowing him to evaluate teeth for signs of decay. Pictures will be taken of your teeth for documentation  by a small, handheld intraoral camera.

Periodic Dental Exams Help Prevent and Detect Decay

When you skip  your routine dental exams, you are at a much higher risk for cavities. Even with regular brushing and flossing bacteria, plaque, and tartar will still grow on your teeth. This buildup of bacteria and calculus may lead to widespread decay and gum disease. Furthermore, if you have already developed a cavity, Dr. Nugent will find it during your exam. With an early diagnosis, he can prevent the discomfort that accompanies advanced decay and save more of your natural tooth.

Early Diagnosis for Other Dental Problems

While your teeth are certainly an important focus of dental exams, the hygienists and Dr. Nugent will also closely examine your gum tissues, looking for signs of gum disease (periodontal disease)  and oral cancer. Periodontal disease results when bacteria grow unchecked below the gum tissue. The bacteria release waste products causing irritation, gum tissue and bone loss.

At your routine exam, Dr. Nugent will also conduct an oral cancer screening, looking for tissue abnormalities on the lips, cheeks, tongue, gums and soft palate. These irregularities can  include white or red spots and oral ulcerations. If you display any suspicious areas, Dr. Nugent will order a biopsy to determine whether these spots are cancerous. The majority of oral cancer patients have a very favorable outlook with early detection and treatment.


Suffering from Dental Anxiety?

Have you have put off your routine exams because you suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia? Unfortunately, the longer you avoid your appointment, the more likely you are to need extensive dental treatment. Dr. Nugent proudly offers effective sedation dentistry. Get the dental care you need without the stress and anxiety. Ask Dr. Nugent about sedation dentistry.

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If you have put off your dental exam, don’t delay another day. Call our office today at 713-941-8261 and make your appointment. It could be the most important thing you do to protect your dental and systemic health. Come see us at 3421 Burke Rd, Ste A, Pasadena Texas 77504.

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