Dental Crowns in Pasadena Texas with CEREC

CEREC Crowns , Same Day Crowns Pasadena Texas

The CEREC system involves three pieces of equipment: 3D image acquisition camera, 3D computer software that used the patient’s digital impressions and a milling. Dr. Nugent uses CEREC technology to create beautiful, custom-crafted porcelain crowns in just one visit. This is a vast improvement over traditional methods which requires messy gooey impressions, a patient to wear a plastic temporary for weeks and then come back to cement the final crown. With CEREC, Dr. Nugent completes everything in one visit. CEREC restorations are as beautiufl and durable as lab made. With CEREC, you can reclaim dental health and beauty in one convenient office visit.

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Crowns in One Visit

To begin the CEREC process, Dr. Nugent prepares the tooth for the new crown. This involves administering local anesthesia and removing decay or unhealthy tooth structure. Next, he takes digital impressions of your teeth and bite. Thus, no messy, nasty tasting, gooey impressions are necessary. Dr. Nugent designs the new crown in the powerful software and sends the crown the milling unit. The milling machine then makes the crown in less than 15 minutes. The crown is tried in. With proper fit insured the crown is placed in a furnace where it is heated to give the crown it’s final color and improved strength. One the crown is out of the furnace it is allowed to cool to room temperature and Dr. Nugent simple cements your new crown into place.

CEREC same day crowns

Dental Crowns Have Numerous Advantages

Resistance and Durability

Durable dental materials like porcelain, zirconia, empress, and IPS e.max are used to create our crowns. Crowns are made to endure extreme stress from biting and chewing.

Restored Oral Health

A tooth that is severely decaying or weak may need to be pulled if treatment is not received. By shielding a tooth from more harm, Dr. Nugent uses dental crowns to give a tooth a second shot at life.

Naturally Appearing Outcomes

Do you think your crown won’t have a natural appearance? Results that are in perfect harmony with the rest of your smile are guaranteed by our dentist. Real enamel is mimicked by the inherent translucency of dental porcelain.

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