Dental Cleaning Twice a Year

Pasadena Texas Dental Cleaning: The Right Schedule for You

The chemistry of your mouth is as unique as your signature. No two are exactly alike. And when people rely on the “you” need only a dental hygiene appointment twice a year to stay in good dental health, Dr. Nugent gets very concerned. Insurance plans also tend to believe in this mythical “average patient” and may not pay for more than a bi-annual visit. However, everyone is different. In fact, Dr. Nugent must get his teeth cleaned every four months to prevent periodontal disease from starting.

Gum Disease Pasdaena Texas

Two dental visits are fine for many patients, even most. But some mouths build up more deposits of calculus than others. Some mouths are naturally decay-prone. Still others, and this is critical, may be showing signs of periodontal problems.

Bleeding gums need to be taken seriously. Bleeding gums is a sign of a bacterial infection. If you had a bleeding sore on your hand that didn’t heal you’d get to a doctor and have him check it out, right? Gingivitis (the first phase of gum disease) consists of tender gums and a little bacteria-filled pocket between your tooth and gum. Gingivitis is easily treatable at this point. But if the infected pockets are allowed to enlarge, that inflammation can extend to the bone beneath and erode it. Bone loss occurs and the infection grows.

Periodontal Disease Pasadena Texas

Our concern is for your health and your teeth, not whether you’ve made the standard number of appointments for this year. Our Pasadena, Texas Dental Office wants you to be in good dental health. If you need to schedule your dental cleaning call our office at 713-941-8261 or visit us at 3421 Burke Rd Ste A, Pasadena, Texas 77504.