Dental Check-Up in Pasadena, Texas

Dental Check-up and Cleaning:

Your regularly scheduled dental check-up is often referred to as a “cleaning,” but there is much more to it than that! The technical term is oral prophylaxis, which means prevention of oral disease.
One way to prevent oral disease is to remove harmful plaque and tartar (calculus) both above and below the gum line.

Regular Teeth Cleaning

You may also be given special instructions on brushing or flossing to keep clean the areas where your hygienist finds significant buildup. That is the familiar “cleaning” part of your checkup.

Teeth Cleaning Pasadena Texas

Additional ways to prevent oral disease is by early detection and treatment. During your dental checkup you will be screened for many potential threats to your oral health, including:

Best Pasadena Texas DentistYour dental hygienist is your first-line of defense against oral disease. Your hygienist and Dr. Nugent are extremely talented trained professional who will evaluate your teeth and gums, both visually and with the assistance of x-rays and other modern technology, to discover threats to your oral or general health. Dr. Nugent will review the findings of your hygienist and advise you on any problems to your oral or general health.

Tooth Decay begins when the carbohydrates are broken down by bacteria in your mouth. The waster products of the bacteria are acid. The acid will dissolve away the hard enamel outer layer of teeth. Left unchecked, a hole will be created in the enamel and a cavity will rapidly form in the softer dentin which lies under the enamel. If the cavity is caught in time, a Filling can correct the problem. Larger cavities may require a Crown. However, if nothing is done and the decay spreads, the sensitive pulp (nerve) may become involved, often causing an Abscess, and Root Canal Therapy or Extraction may be required.


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