Dental Bridges are Old Fashioned

Dental bridges have been around for over a century? Don’t you think technology and has advanced over time? Dental implants are the most technologically advanced way to replace missing teeth.


Dental Implants are Superior to Bridges

The main problem with a bridge is that it relies on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. These adjacent teeth have to be cut down to pegs to make room for the bridge. This aggressive cutting can cause the teeth to die and need root canals. The teeth are fused together and patients have a difficult time cleaning around the bridge.

Dental Implant of Bridge


Bridges fail because a) Decay under the bridge  b) Support teeth have root canals that fail.

So when a bridge fails it creates a tremendous financial and dental problem. A bridge is almost the same cost as an implant. But when the bridge fails (about half of all bridges fail within 15 years) the patient is looking at replacing more teeth then the original missing tooth.

Dental implants do not require damaging adjacent teeth. Patients will brush and floss their implant tooth just like a natural tooth. Furthermore, dental implants will never get decay or need a root canal.

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Dental Bridges cause Bone and Gum Tissue to Vanish

Old fashioned bridges do NOTHING to preserve or stimulate the bone and gum tissue. Thus, with a bridge the bone and gum underneath will shrink slowly over time. This cause a depression in the gum tissue leaving a very ugly gap that people can see. Also, that gap will collect and pack food.

Bone Loss under a bridge

Bone and Gum Tissue Loss Under Dental Bridge

Dental Implants are the Gold Standard of Dental Care

Dr. Nugent has had to replace missing teeth on family members, friends and his employees. He used dental implants instead of old fashioned bridges. Demand the best in dental implant care.

Dental Implants Pasadena Texas

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