Treating Children at Dr. Nugent’s Pasadena Texas Dental Office

Dr. Michael Nugent

Deer Park Kids Dentist

The best gift you can give your child is the gift of health. Cavities are the most prevalent chronic disease in both children and adults, even though it is largely preventable. Clean teeth don’t get cavities. Bacteria can’t make acid if they don’t have sugar.

Tips for the best chance at perfect dental health:

  • Brush three times a day- After breakfast, when you get home from school and before bedtime.
  • Get a Kids Sonicare tooth brush. It has a two minute timer and is more effective cleaning teeth then an old fashioned toothbrush.
  • Floss at night, use the plastic handle with floss already attached. You can get bags of 50 or 100 at the grocery store. If you can floss your child’s teeth twice a day that would be perfect but I am ok with at least once.
  • Limit sugar intake. Candy and sweets are ok. BUT it is the amount of time that sugar is in the mouth that is vital. Eating a pound of sugar all at once is better than eating a ¼ pound of sugar throughout the day.

Kids Dentist Pasadena Texas

If you have any questions about when your child is ready for the dentist, or how to help them get off to a good start, feel free to call our Pasadena, Texas Dental Office at 713-941-8261. We are located at 3421 Burke Rd Ste A, Pasadena, Texas 77504.

Child Dentist Pasadena Texas