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Dr. Nugent busting Myths about Periodontal Disease.


There is no polite way to say it: bacteria are everywhere in our mouths. Plaque, a sticky substance made of bacteria and other particles, coats the teeth if you don’t brush and floss properly and on a frequent basis.

When plaque is not removed, the body’s immune system responds to it and causes inflammation of the gums. Gums that are inflamed frequently appear redder and puffier than usual, and they frequently bleed when you brush or floss. In as little as two weeks.

‘Gingiva’ and ‘itis’ are the two parts of the term “gingivitis.” The Latin word “itis,” which means inflammation, refers to the gingiva, which are the gums. Thus, gingivitis literally means gum inflammation.

Cleaning your own teeth properly is harder than it seems because you can’t look into your own mouth to detect plaque, especially when it’s full with toothpaste. To perform it well, most people need some guidance. The majority of people have some gingivitis in their mouths.

If plaque isn’t removed, it starts to harden and transform into calculus (also known as tartar). There are two varieties of calculus, which is a hardened buildup on your teeth.

‘Supragingival’ calculus, which may be seen on the bottom front teeth of those with good saliva, develops in those people. It develops from minerals in your saliva and has a creamy yellow color. Your dentist or hygienist can easily remove this kind of calculus.

The more dangerous variety, referred to as “subgingival calculus,” develops beneath the gum and is black in color. Even for a dentist, it may be difficult to identify because you can’t see it. As a result, total removal is quite challenging. Due to the presence of blood when your gums are inflamed, it is black in color. The presence of black subgingival calculus is typically a sign of one of the more severe forms of gum disease. Read more in the section after this one.

Given that gingivitis typically causes little pain, its symptoms can be simple to ignore. Too frequently, individuals attribute it to brushing too vigorously. However, bleeding gums are a red flag that should never be disregarded.

Simple fact: bleeding is not a sign of healthy gums.

The only stage of gum disease that can be reversed is gingivitis. Your dentist or periodontist can help you treat it and have your gums entirely healthy once more. Maintaining good dental hygiene at home and getting regular checkups and cleanings will help avoid it.

I have bleeding gums, it is no big deal.

One of the first signs of periodontal disease is red, swollen and bleeding gums. Dr. Nugent recommends that if you notice bleeding while brushing or flossing that you schedule a dental appointment. Periodontal disease leads to tooth loss. Furthermore, gum disease can contributes to heart disease and diabetes

Gum Disease Pasadena Texas

I don’t need to floss every day. FALSE

Good oral hygiene includes brushing your teeth three times a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing twice a day. Adding a mouth wash like Listerine to your routine helps kill bacteria in your mouth. Good and consistent oral hygiene is the best way to prevent gum disease

When a tooth is lost due to gum disease, the tooth is lost forever. FALSE

Periodontal (gum) disease is the major cause of tooth loss in adults. More people over the age of 30 lose teeth due to gum disease than to trauma or decay.  If a tooth is lost dental implants are a convenient and comfortable way to permanently replace missing teeth.  Dental implants mimic natural teeth.  Dental implants have a 98 percent success rate, and with proper care, allow you to speak, eat and smile with confidence.  Dr. Nugent is a leader in dental implants.

Regular Teeth Cleaning

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The only way to get periodontal disease is through poor oral hygiene. FALSE

Poor oral hygiene can greatly contributes to the progression of gum disease. However there are other factors that can also impact your risk. For example, tobacco use greatly increases your chance of developing gum disease. Also, stress, poor diet, and genetics can contribute to periodontal disease.


Dr. Nugent wants you to keep all you teeth and have outstanding dental health.

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Periodontal Disease is the leading cause of tooth loss.

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