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Learn How to Relax Before a Dentist Visit

Individuals are afraid of the dentist and are looking for techniques to relax before scheduling an appointment. Dr. Nugent takes delight in helping his patients feel at ease before, during, and after a routine cleaning or more complex surgery.

Dr. Nugent had seven tips to ease your stress before a dental visit.

  1. Prepare to express your concerns to your dentist. Being open about your anxieties allows your dentist to guide you through your procedure or routine cleaning in a way that is beneficial to you and can help to soothe your nerves.
    Make a plan.
  2. Keep an eye on your diet and drink intake. Avoid foods heavy in sugar or caffeine before your appointment, as they may make you jittery and contribute to your anxieties. Instead, opt for something with relaxing characteristics, such as caffeine-free tea.
  3. Deep breathing should be practiced. Staying calm and relaxed during a treatment or routine cleaning requires remembering to breathe.
  4. Avoid skipping or extending appointments with your dentist. Fear of what might be wrong with your teeth may deter you from visiting the dentist. There are fewer unknowns and the process feels more routine when you see your dentist every six months.
  5. Schedule an appointment on a day when you won’t be too busy or in a hurry to get somewhere else. This gives the body a chance to unwind.
  6. Request that the doctor explain the procedure to you ahead of time. I always explain everything I do to my patients because it has a relaxing impact on them, regardless of whether they have dental fear. Simply inform your caregiver that this is beneficial to you.
  7. Consider taking more medication. In some situations, dentists may provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to worried patients to help them relax and minimize their anxiety. Sedation may be recommended by your doctor during major procedures to calm anxieties and make the procedure go more smoothly.

Every day, Dr. Nugent sees patients that are afraid of the dentist or who have dental anxiety. In truth, fear of the dentist is rather prevalent. It’s critical to communicate your concerns to Pasadena, Texas Dental Office so that we can address them and make the process go more easily for you.

If you’re self-conscious about your teeth or feel insecure about them, Dr. Nugent wants to remind you that it’s not Dr. Nugent’s role to criticize, judge their teeth or smile. His job is to give high-quality treatment and knowledge in order to correct any problems and make your mouth and teeth as healthy as possible.

For many people just the thought of visiting the dentist can create panic attacks and cause server anxiety. Dr. Nugent has been helping Deer Park, Texas residents overcome their dental fears with the use of Sedation Dentistry. You and Dr. Nugent will discuss a number of different sedation options and come up with what will work best for your needs. The type of procedure, length of procedure, and your anxiety level are considered when determining which sedation options will be  best for you.

Sedation Dentist Pasadena Texas

Dr. Nugent uses two easy and highly successful sedation options 1) Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) 2) Oral Sedation.

  • Nitrous Oxide / Laughing Gas is an easy and great way to administer sedation. The sedation levels can be easily adjusted. Once the dentistry is completed you will be put on 100% Oxygen and your sedation will be completely reversed. You will be able to drive yourself and return to work.
  • Oral sedation is great on the most phobic dental patient. This sedation route starts with taking pills about 45 minutes before your appointment. Then when Dr. Nugent is ready to start he will also put you on Laughing Gas. This produces an incredible sedation route. Most patients report sleeping through their entire procedure and don’t remember anything from their dental visit.


Once you are relaxed and sedated Dr. Nugent will use a local anesthesia to numb your mouth during treatment. The local anesthesia works by blocking the nerves that sense or transmit pain.. Thus, you will receive pain free dentistry.



Dr. Nugent is the regional leader in sedation dentistry. Patients from all around travel to see Dr. Nugent for his advanced sedation procedures. Don’t let your fear of the dentist hurt your oral health.  Dr. Nugent is located at 3421 Burke Rd, Ste A, Pasadena, Texas 77504. Call us today at 713-941-8261.

Sedation Dentist Pasadena Texas