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CEREC technology allows Dr. Nugent to custom design a crown on the computer.  You and Dr. Nugent will choose the shade and shape of the tooth. If any corrections are needed Dr. Nugent makes the adjustments on the computer. Then he will send it to his milling machine to be fabricated all while you are at the office.

CEREC utilizes CAD/CAM equipment to give Dr. Nugent a three dimensional view of your tooth and surrounding structures.


Dentist 77504Dr. Nugent scans your teeth with CEREC’s 3D camera, making virtual digital impressions. The images are fed into CEREC’s powerful imaging software.


Dr. Nugent will design your crown virtually. He will choose the shape, position, and shade that will match your other teeth so that your new crown will look great and align properly for a comfortable bite.


Say NO to two visits for a dental crown, messy impressions, gagging impressions, and plastic temporary teeth. Get the best in dental care for you and your family. See why Deer Park Texas makes the short drive to our office for dental excellence. Dr. Nugent has been voted Best Pasadena Texas Dentist multiple times.


CEREC Crowns , Same Day Crowns Pasadena Texas

We have invested in cutting-edge dental technology in order to offer you the healthiest smile conceivable. Adding CEREC same-day crowns is one such investment. The primary benefits of same-day CEREC crowns are their time saving and convenient nature. There are additional benefits that have contributed to the widespread adoption of this procedure.

Advantages of CEREC Crowns

Immediately, the Function of your Teeth is Restored.

Your teeth influence your expression, as well as your eating and speaking habits. You must be very cautious when eating if you must wear temporary plastic crowns while you wait for the offsite dental lab to create the permanent crowns. A misplaced bite or mildly sticky food may cause the crown to dislodge, leaving you with a sensitive tooth. This is never the case with crowns placed the same day.

Prevents Tooth Damage

With traditional crowns, you’ll wear a temporary crown for a few days or maybe longer than a week. The temporary crown does not always fit precisely in your mouth, and it is possible for it to become dislodged. This leaves the tooth structure vulnerable to injury and also makes it sensitive to heat and cold. Same-day CEREC crowns reduce the risk of injury by providing a custom-fitted crown in a single appointment.

Saves you Time and Money

Additional visits and temporary crowns cost both time and money. Since you will only visit our office once, this helps to keep costs low and saves you money. Additionally, fewer appointments means less time away from work.


Temporary crowns are typically made of plastic and are rarely an exact fit, which may cause some discomfort. Because CEREC crowns are made of ceramic and are custom-fitted, they are comfortable and will not cause any dental problems.

Aids in Preventing Decay

If a temporary crown falls off, your tooth may become susceptible to cavities and plaque. With CEREC crowns, the permanent crown is affixed to the tooth with a hermetic seal, thereby reducing the risk of tooth decay.

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