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Dr. Nugent offers conservative and honest dental treatment at his Pasadena,Texas Dental Office. Dr. Nugent will discuss your treatment needs and give you many different solutions. You are part of the decision making process.

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As we get older, we start our second time of increased cavity risks, the first of which occurred during our infancy. Our mouths dry up, our teeth erode, and our nutritional intake deteriorates as we age. As a result, the mouth is more prone to cavities, gingivitis, and other periodontal illnesses.

As a senior or older adult, there are strategies to reduce your risk of oral illness. It begins, rather unsurprisingly, with basic dental hygiene behaviors. In this post, we’ll discuss what you can do to keep your smile healthy as you get older and avoid the onset of oral disorders and tooth decay.

Chronic Mouth Dryness

We salivate less as we get older. Unfortunately, a lack of saliva production causes a slew of oral health issues because the mouth can no longer wash away bacteria and food particles naturally. Medications can also create dry mouth.



Dr. Nugent delivers compassionate dental care to Senior Citizens. Come see why Dr. Nugent was voted “Best Dentist in Pasadena”.

Dr. Nugent has advanced training in Geriatric Dentistry. Thus, he understands and has the skills to deal with the unique dental problems of elderly patients. He will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

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