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Cosmetic Dentistry:

Dr. Nugent and his Cosmetic Dentistry Team team welcome you to Pasadena Texas best dental office. Dr. Nugent has been voted Best Pasadena Texas Dentist multiple times. Dr. Nugent works to ensure that our patients feel comfortable and confident that they receive the best that dentistry has to offer. The award-winning Dr. Nugent has trained at some of the most prestigious institutions in dentistry and continues to build upon this foundation through regularly attending continuing education courses. Dr. Nugent has shared his knowledge about cosmetic dentistry and mentors young dentists.

Cosmetic Dentist Pasadena Texas

Dr. Nugent’s Cosmetic Dental office strives to provide the utmost in personal care and to deliver positive, lasting results. Dr. Nugent’s dentistry is designed to make you look good and give you a wonderful smile. Whether you come to us for minor smile enhancements like tooth-colored fillings or teeth bleaching, or something more advanced like a smile makeover, our Pasadena Texas dental office features the latest dental technology, products, and procedures to make your smile dreams reality!

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Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the overall look of your teeth, gums, and/or bite. Both restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry use dental implants, veneers and crowns to restore teeth, for example, but there are differences between the two. While a cosmetic dentist corrects the functionality of the teeth while simultaneously attempting to realize the patient’s vision of what a perfect smile should seem, a restorative dentist aims to achieve a set of fully functional teeth. When dental procedures entail enhancing the appearance of your teeth, they are regarded as cosmetic.

If you have gaps between your teeth, misshapen, misaligned, discolored, stained, chipped, cracked, or damaged teeth, modern cosmetic dentistry can give you a terrific smile. Dr. Nugent can give you the smile you’ve always desired through one or more cosmetic dentistry operations.

Procedures for Cosmetic Dentistry
Advanced technical abilities and a creative eye are needed for cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Nugent is renowned for providing outstanding, natural-looking results with the utmost care.

Whitening of teeth
Teeth whitening is one of the simplest ways to brighten your smiles. Your dentist will first clean your teeth to remove any plaque or tartar that may have developed on them. He will next apply a whitening or bleaching solution to them. You can attain hues that are paler than your natural tooth color by whiten your teeth.

Veneers for teeth
Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells that cover the fronts of teeth. They are constructed of porcelain or resin. After a tiny portion of your tooth’s enamel is removed, they are fused to the front of your teeth. They can be applied to alter the length, size, color, or contour of your teeth. They can also be applied to problems like chipped enamel, misaligned teeth, and gaps in teeth.

Implant dentistry
Dental implants are typically used to replace missing teeth and are constructed of titanium. Your jawbone will be surgically fixed with a little screw for this treatment. The screw will support the implant’s crown after it has healed.

Dental crowns
The entire decayed or broken tooth above the gum line is covered by a dental crown. They can be made of metal, ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic-on-mental, or resin. Crowns can be used to hold a cracked tooth together, cover teeth that are excessively deformed or discolored, or both.

Numerous Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry can help you improve both your dental health and the appearance of your smile. But it’s crucial that you choose the proper dentist if you want to get the most out of your procedures. See why Dr. Nugent is the highest rated dentist in Pasadena, Texas.

FAQs on cosmetic dentistry
Some frequently asked inquiries concerning cosmetic dentistry have been compiled by us. These inquiries may aid you in understanding any lingering questions you may have about the treatments.

Will my new smile last forever?

A: Modern materials can endure for years or even decades if you routinely visit the dentist and take appropriate care of your teeth. Excellent upkeep will help the dental operations last longer.

If I have veneers, would I get cavities?

There is no lower or higher chance of tooth decay with veneers, provided you take good care of your teeth.

A flawless smile will cost you how much?

The price will vary based on how tough the procedures are and how long it takes to complete them. Make an appointment with Dr. Nugent and he will provide you a plan to match your desires.

Do porcelain veneers tarnish?

Veneers made of porcelain should never get stained.

What is the duration of teeth whitening?

The typical lifespan of teeth whitening is six months to two years. Avoiding smoking, drinking coffee, and drinking red wine will help keep the benefits from fading.

Is it safe to whiten your teeth?

Teeth whitening is completely safe when done by a professional. For additional enamel protection, utilize calcium sulfate and fluoride.

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