Cold Sores and Fever Blister

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Pasadena Texas General Dentist talks about Cold Sores:

Outside of the mouth, cold sores (also known as fever blisters) typically develop on the lips, although they can also develop on the chin, outside of the cheek, or the nostrils. They start out looking like a red blister, burst, and crust over. The healing cycle takes 7–14 days. Herpes Simplex Virus-caused cold sores can spread from person to person through skin-to-skin contact. The majority of the time, the virus is dormant and practically everyone carries it. The prevalence of fever blisters is highest in young adults and adolescents, and it decreases as people age beyond 35. Its breakout is triggered by a number of reasons, including stress, colds, fevers, and/or sunburn.

Avoid kissing when there are obvious blisters; don’t pinch or scrape the blister; properly wash your hands before touching others; and apply UV lip protection before spending time in the sun.

Stay away from spicy and hot meals that would irritate cold sores, applying over-the-counter ointments containing phenol, and taking some antiviral medications that will lessen their length but not prevent their emergence are all methods of treating them.

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Cold sores begin as small red circular swellings that usually ulcerate [rupture] within a day, after which they become white, surrounded by reddish inflammation. They last 8-10 days. As open sores, they can be very painful to the touch. Cold sores afflict about 20% of the population. Their cause has yet to be discovered, although they appear to breakout more in stressful situations, from getting a small “nick” in the skin [mucous membrane] or from foods such as citrus fruits and tomatoes. While they can occur in very young children, they are usually first seen between the ages of 10-20. It’s not uncommon for them to erupt 3-4 times a year, but they occur less frequently or stop all together in adults.

When experiencing canker sores, avoid rough textured or spicy foods that will irritate them. Try not to touch them with eating utensils or your toothbrush. Apply ointment that contains a topical anesthetic or some other active ingredient that will relieve the irritation.

Cold Sore Treatment:

With an advanced dental laser, Dr. Nugent can “zap” the cold sore. The laser energy deactivates the virus. When you feel the itching and burning of an upcoming cold sore call our office ASAP!! We will get you in and Dr. Nugent can use a laser to prevent the cold sore from developing. If you have an active cold sore we can still help. The laser will deactivate the virus and you will begin the healing stage. Don’t live with embarrassing cold sores.

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