Cheap Implants

Michael Nugent DDS Dental ImplantsDangers of Cheap Implants.

Be extremely wary of low cost dental implants. There are clinics that use the cheapest components at every step of the dental implant processes. One big cost cutting trick is for the clinics to use stock abutment. These abutments come in small, medium and large. These stock abutments do not contour the gum tissue very well. Next time you are in a crowded place look around at all the people. There are more than three body types.

Dr. Nugent uses custom abutments for all of his dental implant patients. The custom abutments are made specifically for the patient. Everybody is different and dental conditions (surrounding, opposing and angulations of teeth) are unique. Custom abutments allow for proper support of the gum tissue. This creates the cosmetic appearance of the dental implant emerging out of the gum tissue (just like natural teeth). Furthermore, a custom abutment allows for the proper crown size, contour and proportion to be made.

In order to create highly cosmetic, functional, and hygienic dental implant restorations, the following are required:

  • Acceptable bone width and height
  • Adequate soft tissue thickness
  • Appropriate implant width
  • Precise implant position, angle, and depth
  • An abutment that follows natural tooth anatomy at the gum tissue, i.e. custom abutment
  • A crown that has proper contour and marginal adaptation following the outline of the abutment
  • Proper anatomy of the abutment and crown

Fake Implants:

There are tons of doctors that advertise “low cost dental implants”, “free crowns with implant” and other low cost deals. The reality is that these offices are using cheaper clone dental implants. These clone dental implants are way cheaper than brand name dental implants from reputable implant manufacturers. The clone implants are manufactured abroad (Asia, Eastern Europe and South America) with unknown quality assurances and no government regulations. Clone implant companies do not have to have human data or studies to get FDA clearance. Because these companies do not have long term data or research about how their implants work in humans, clone implants may have increased risk of: bone loss, poor bone healing, infections, breakage, screw and crown loosening, gum recession and cosmetic problems.

Another point to make about cheap clone implants is that clone companies consistently fail and go bankrupt. As a result, getting parts can become impossible and patients are the ultimate losers.

Cheap Dental Crowns:

There are more and more foreign dental labs advertising in US dental journals. Their lab costs are pennies on the dollar when compared to US lab costs. Doctors can get crowns from Mexico and China that cost 1/10th of US crowns. But, do you really want a dental crown from China when China can’t even stop putting lead paint on toys? What types of materials are you putting in your mouth with foreign crowns?

Deer Park Dental Implants


The Bottom Line:

You will receive the same brand name dental implant, custom abutment and US made crown that Dr. Nugent used on his family and friends received. Dental implants are an investment and Dr. Nugent does NOT cut corners by using stock abutment, clone implants or foreign crowns.


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