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Cerec Same Day Crown Pasaena TexasDentistry is evolving every day. Technique and principles that Dr. Nugent learned 10 years ago are already obsolete.  Dr. Nugent is committed to education and having the tools and technology to provide patients with outstanding and efficient dentistry. CEREC is a technology that helps patients receive their dental crowns in one day versus the weeks of years past.


CEREC is  a system in which Dr. Nugent utilizes 3D digital photography , advanced computer-aided drafting and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and a milling machine to make dental crowns in one visit.

In old fashioned dentistry practices, a dentist needs to take a messy, bad tasting, gagging impression of your teeth. physical mold of your teeth. The mold is mailed to a dental lab while the patient wears a plastic temporary crown. Then in three weeks the patient has to come back, have the plastic tooth removed and the new crown cemented on. This old fashioned way is slow has many negative aspects: 1) takes two visits, patients have to take off time from work or school 2) the impression material tastes bad and gags patients 3) patients have to wear a plastic crown for three weeks 4) the plastic crown can break or come off because it is put on with temporary cement 5) patients sometimes have to get an injection and get numb to put on crown.

Dr. Nugent utilizing CEREC will eliminate the aforementioned problems.




To learn more about what CEREC has to offer you and your family, contact Pasadena, Texas Dental office today to schedule an appointment.

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