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Missing Teeth

Deer Park Texas Dental Implants: Teeth can be lost for various reasons. Not only is a missing tooth a huge cosmetic concern, a missing tooth can cause many dental problems as well. Teeth are designed to work together. When one tooth is missing the other teeth must take more chewing forces. Also, teeth will drift […]

Teeth Cleaning | Pasadena Texas Dentist

Teeth Cleaning Pasadena, Texas: Your professional teeth cleaning will be with one our amazing hygienists. They will remove calculus (tartar) and plaque from your teeth. Then they will polish and floss all your teeth. To strengthen your teeth a fluoride treatment is recommended after your cleaning. Laser Bacteria Reduction is preformed to dramatically reduce the […]

Tooth Decay

Dentistry Pasadena Texas:   Tooth Decay / Cavities Tooth Decay is still a major problem in America. Dental bacteria, sugar and acid are responsible for creating holes in teeth. Bacteria in your mouth produce acid that will destroy enamel. It takes a pH of 4 or less to dissolve tooth enamel. Diet Coke (pH 3.1) […]

Dental Xrays

Pasadena, Texas Dentistry: Dental X-rays Dr. Nugent will utilize digital x-rays to examine your teeth and bone structure for decay and pathology. The digital x-rays are faster and use less radiation then old x-ray techniques. But are X-rays really need and what about the radiation? Yes, dental x-rays are absolutely needed. Dental x-rays are used […]

First Dental Visit | Pasadena Texas Dentist

Pasadena Texas Dentist: The first dental visit at Dr. Nugent’s office is where we gather all the information about your oral health so that together you and Dr. Nugent can discuss the your dental needs. The dental information that will be gathered includes: Taking and interpreting digital x-rays, photographs of the gum tissue and teeth, […]

Family and General Dentist Pasadena Texas

 Pasadena Texas Dentistry: Why do so many Moms pick us to be their family dentist? I believe it is because we offer amazing dentistry for the entire family. Toddlers, teenagers, adults and senior citizens are well cared for at out office. Each age group has specific dental needs that we addresses and can help.   […]

Dr Michael Nugent DDS Pasadena Texas Dentist

Pasadena Texas Dentist Dr. Michael Nugent, DDS Dr. Nugent was born in California but got to Texas as fast as he could. Dr. Nugent’s Dad was a mechanic in the Air Force and was transferred to Lubbock, Texas when Dr. Nugent was one year old. Dr. Nugent grew up in Lubbock and graduated from Texas […]

3421 Burke Rd Pasadena TX 77504 | Pasadena Texas Dentist

Dentist Pasadena Texas: Dr. Nugent guarantees you have not been to a dental practice like this. We are not an insurance mill or a Medicaid office. We are a dental office who truly loves dentistry. You will not wait for hours to be seen by Dr. Nugent. From the moment you walk in the door […]

Hours | General Dentist Pasadena, Deer Park Texas

Dr. Michael Nugent Dental Office Details:   Call us: 713-941-8261   Our Location: 3421 Burke Rd Ste A Pasadena, Texas 77504   Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm   Fridays are reserved for large dental sedation cases, dental implant surgeries and cosmetic smile makeovers.

Dentist Pasadena Texas

Dentist Pasadena Texas Dr. Nugent welcomes you to his Pasadena, Texas Dental Office. Dr. Nugent is a leader in Cosmetic, General, Implant and Sedation Dentistry. Dr. Nugent has been voted BEST PASADENA DENTIST multiple times. Dr. Nugent provides amazing dental care with compassion, honesty and friendliness. Find out why Dr. Nugent is a favorite of […]

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