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How to Brush Your Teeth:

• Lighten up! If you tend to brush too hard, the first step is to admit that you have a problem. Make a point of practicing a gentler touch with your toothbrush – ask your spouse or a family member to watch you brush and remind you when you start bearing down too hard.

• Find a new angle. Make sure that your toothbrush bristles are contacting your gums at a 45-degree angle – this can reduce the force of the brush against your gums.

• “Power up” with an electric toothbrush. Invest in a quality battery-powered toothbrush, like a Philips Sonicare. These Sonicare toothbrush gives your teeth and gums a steady, consistent and gentle cleaning. You’ll be sure to notice a difference – most people never go back to the “old fashioned” toothbrush after they’ve experienced a power toothbrush.  Once I started using my Sonicare I have never gone back to use a manual toothbrush.

• Soothe the pain with special toothpaste. Over the counter “sensitive” toothpaste works well. Furthermore, we carry a special toothpaste called Prevident 5000 at our office that works amazing for sensitive teeth.



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